Poppets Cloth Wipe Solution Sample

Poppets Cloth Wipe Solution Sample



45 in stock, ready to go!  

45 in stock, ready to go!

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Poppets Baby Natural Wipes Solution
Poppets natural wipes solution are a simple and ease to make cleaning solution for your reusable wipes. Poppets create a beautifully fragranced and eco friendly solution for you to soak your washable wipes in. Poppets solution also helps to soften your wipes water which is incredibly helpful if you live in a hard water area. Using Poppets wipes solution saves you time compared to creating your own wipes solution recipe.

Each sample contains 1 poppet ‘all-in-one’ eco friendly pods made with a special blend of shea butter and coconut oil that make up a beautiful, heavenly scented cloth wipe solution to leave your wipes luxuriously soft and smelling divine.

- Vegan Friendly
- Safe for babies delicate skin.
- Great for cleaning up messy hands and faces.
- Gentle cleansing & moisturising.

Poppets have gone to great efforts to make a luxury eco product using natural ingredients that are SLS, paraben, palm oil and cruelty free with allergen free fragrance where possible. Everything that you receive is recyclable and reusable. It’s the easiest way to make up wipes. See below for a guide on how to use.


What our staff say

Our advisor Gina has used reusable wipes and plain water with all 3 of her children. We recently sent her some Poppets to try and this is what she had to say.

"I'm a complete convert! Having always just used plain water initially I couldn't see the need for these. However after trying them I love the scents, but most importantly my baby's bum feels cleaner, something I never thought possible. They are so simple and easy to make up and the solution easily lasts a few days. I would urge anyone to try them before dismissing them like I did."


Available in a Cotton Fresh - A soft baby fragrance that is both cotton clean and powdery in a soft blue and white colour.


How to Use

  • One Poppet will make up to 1 litre of solution which is enough for 25-30 wipes. If making up less solution, use half a Poppet or keep it whole.
  • Add one Poppet to 1 litre of freshly boiled water.  Allow to dissolve for 30 seconds, then stir well until the water turns a milky colour.
  • Pour the solution into your container of dry wipes. They should be covered and damp to the touch, but not too wet.  Any left over solution can be poured into a bottle once cool for use out and about.


Poppets are certified safe to use for a baby from 3 months old.  For a baby younger than this, it's always best to use plain water.



Brand:  Poppets


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