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10% off +Free Trainer Pants

LumiPotti£23.99   £21.60Add to Basket

Quality Terry Squares

Quality Terry Squares£2.20  -  £19.99Add to Basket  (2)

Bambooty Easy Dry

Bambooty Easy Dry£8.99  -  £12.99Add to Basket  (13)

Lillebaby Complete Carrier

Lillebaby Complete Carrier£95.00  -  £110.00Add to Basket

Snuggle Towels by Cuddledry

Snuggle Towels by Cuddledry£29.99   £25.00Add to Basket


Teenyfits£9.99  -  £46.99Add to Basket  (3)

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Freetime Bumgenius (with Multibuy Options)

Freetime Bumgenius (with Multibuy Options)£15.99  -  £17.99Add to Basket  (75)

Little Lamb Onesize (OSFA) V2

Little Lamb Onesize (OSFA) V2£10.00   £6.50Add to Basket  (49)

Motherease Airflow Wraps

Motherease Airflow Wraps£9.50  -  £10.50Add to Basket  (77)

Motherease Rikki Wraps

Motherease Rikki Wraps£9.75  -  £10.50Add to Basket  (49)

Bamboozle Stretch (Stretchies) By Totsbots

Bamboozle Stretch (Stretchies) By Totsbots£10.99  -  £46.49Add to Basket  (47)

Bumgenius Elemental (with Multibuy Options)

Bumgenius Elemental (with Multibuy Options)£17.95  -  £19.99Add to Basket  (54)

New to Washable Nappies? Need Advice or Support?

Use The Nappy Lady Advice Service

Making cloth nappies work is all about getting the right sort of cloth nappy advice first. Cloth nappies can be a very cost effective solution but could be an expensive decision to get wrong without the right advice. You may well be using your washable nappies for at least 2 years per child so you want to get it right from the start. This is where my real nappy experience comes in.

Fill in our nappy advice questionnaire and get a free personal recommendation from Wendy Richards 'The Nappy Lady'. We will also send you a 5% discount code to use on all your orders.

The Home of Cloth Nappies!

We have been selling cloth nappies (also known as washable nappies, real nappies or reusable nappies) and offering free comprehensive nappy advice since 1999.

We only stock the best performing real nappy products, all thoroughly tested by The Nappy Lady. If we don't stock a product there will be a very good reason why. We are completely independent and are not tied to, or "own", a particular nappy brand. We don't have a vested interest in promoting one cloth nappy over another.

We are the washable nappy specialists. What we don't know isn't worth knowing!

The Home of Cloth Nappies