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Chair Pads - Protect Your Seats During Potty Training

Chair Pads - Protect Your Seats During Potty Training

Are you potty training your child and looking for a way to protect your furniture from any accidents?

One of the worst things is getting and accidental wee on the sofa and having to try and deep clean it! Brolly Sheets have created the perfect solution to this problem, a protective chair pad. The chair pads have an absorbent core with a waterproof layer to protect your furniture from any accidents that occur! They also have a lovely, soft suede material on the outside to make it comfortable for you child to sit on! If an accident happens, just throw the chair pad in the wash and it’s good as new! It’s so much easier than having to clean your furniture!

£15.99  -  £22.99

Read the review from our tester Jenna

"We have been potty training at home and I generally leave my little one without any nappy or pants on so that she can easily get to the potty. This has worked quite well, but we ended up having several accidents on the sofa which was quite frustrating! When I realised that Brolly Sheets had a protective chair pad I knew that it would be the perfect solution! Now whenever we’re sitting on the sofa, my daughter gets to sit on her “special pad” which she enjoys. It has caught any accidental wees amazingly, which has saved my sanity! It’s really easy to throw in the wash rather than having to spend all that time deep cleaning my poor sofa! "

The Brolly Sheets chair pads come in size small or medium, so you can choose the perfect size for whatever furniture you’re trying to protect.