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La Petite Ourse

La Petite Ourse cloth nappies are a popular budget friendly brand which makes onesize, easy to use nappies for your baby. La Petite Ourse also make a fabulous range of accessories including wet bags and nappy pods.

La Petite Ourse

La Petite Ourse which is sometimes shorted to LPO and is a favourite modern cloth nappy brand with our customers. The Nappy Lady is the UK's leading LPO stockist and offers all lines available to UK customers with excellent stock levels.

Fabulous eco print collection, giving you an excellent quality, stylish nappy with a modern pattern and a versatile design. Customers love all the features of La Petite Ourse cloth nappies with their strong elastic at the waist, adjustable length and waist, soft inner linings, strong poppers to stop baby opening the nappy, double gussets and how the nappy grows as baby grows.

LPO eco are slim fitting cloth nappies which fits the vast majority of babies. LPO are a Canadian brand who set out to make "cloth diapering" economical, free from leaks and accesible for everyone. No more need to dispose of single use dispsables, just wash and reuse your LPO nappies.

The nappy range is made with natural fabrics, for a heavy wetter you would need to add a booster.

The inserts can be put in the tumble dryer but the outers as with any PUL waterproof cover are best air dried.

All In One Nappies

The all in one nappies (aio) are their most popular cloth nappies due to being super easy to use and no need for stuffing inserts as the fabric absorbency is already sewn in. Plus the ever popular double gusset to increase poo containment.

Pocket Nappies

The La Petite Ourse pocket nappy absorbency comes from two bamboo inserts you place in the pocket opening. Youu can also additional boosters or even use absorbent inserts from other nappies and insert into the pocket. Many customers stick with the original inserts but you have the freedom to use any combination you prefer.

Pocket nappies also offers the double gusset their customers love.

The soft staydry lining inside the pocket keeps baby dry, comfortable and happy.

A pocket nappy is budget friendly as you can replace the bamboo inserts but keep using the outer cover.

Recycled PUL

LPO have started using waterproof recycled polyester for their covers - the LPO eco collection. These are made with recycled plastic bottles, another step at helping the planet and cut waste.

La Petite Ourse Accessories

LPO make a great range of essential accessories. The lpo eco wet bag is especially popular as it's the ideal size for holding babies nappies for a day out and at a budget friendly price. Wetbags are a water resistant bag and are used to store "soiled diapers" but also can be used for wipes, clothing, trips to the swimming pool. Wash your bag at the same time as your nappies no need to wash separately.

If you are that well organized parent then also don't miss out on the LPO Pods. These are perfect for storing your clean cloth nappies for days out or childcare.

If you need more absorbency The Nappy Lady also stocks separate La Petite Ourse boosters. These would be for older children or heavier wetters but not for night time. These nappies are not designed for night time wear.

Sanitary Wear

Not only are LPO the nappy gurus but also they make a range of products for eco periods. Their new silicone dots to help prevent pads moving makes them stand apart from other brands.

Petite Ourse

Read La Petite Ourse product reviews, let the customers speak for themselves and tell you how fabulous they find them.

Add LPO to your shopping basket, checkout and purchase your nappies from The Nappy Lady and start your nappy adventure today with La Petite Ourse. The Nappy Lady gives fast delivery and offers you the choice of Royal Mail or DPD courier. Delivery available UK wide and overseas. If you live local to our warehouse use our new shopping experience instore where you can see and feel everything to help you decide.