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Bambino Mio are one of the oldest UK nappy brands. Bambino Mio reusable nappies make two types of cloth nappies plus a wide variety of accessories to cover all your nappy needs.

Bambino Mio Reusable Nappies

Bambino Mio are the largest reusable nappy brand in the world, Bambino Mio is a UK based company aiming to make cloth nappies easily accessible to all. The Miosolo is their best selling all in one washable nappy, ideal for quick changes. If budget is an issue have a look at their economical prefold nappies.

Nappy Packs & Nappy Kits

BambinoMio nappies can be bought individually or you can buy in a trial pack or even complete kits. The nappy kits will work out cheaper than the regular price per reusable nappy.

The Classic Complete Set has been a best selling nappy kit for many years and contains everything you need to use your nappies in the day time plus some added accessories. It also comes in an attractive storage crate that will look pretty in your babies room. See our nappy bundles for full information.

Waterproof Covers - MioDuo & Miosolo

The outer waterproof cover of the MioDuo wraps and Miosolo all in ones is made of PUL which stands for polyurethane Laminate. PUL is a modern waterproof material that is fully breathable and comes in a selection of many cute modern patterns or prints you will love.

Miosolo Classic All In One Nappies

All in ones are easy to use and are a one size nappy so they grow with your little one and the one nappy will take you through birth to potty. With all in one nappies such as the Miosolo classic you can add a booster into the pocket if you need a longer period between nappy changes for your baby.  The Mioboost is designed for boosting the Mio Solo. The miosolo classic is quick to dry due to being made from microfibre which is a form of polyester.

Miosolo Supreme - Bamboo All In One Nappies

The Miosolo Supreme range is the same simple and easy design as the classic but it has a core of bamboo material.  This makes a more absorbent nappy but it is much slower drying.

Staydry Layer

Bambino Mio are fleece lined which will help to keep baby feeling dry to the touch. Fleece also helps prevent staining which is another aspect families love.

Night Time Miosolo & MioDue

Miosolo and MioDuo are not the best choice for night time nappies and are liable to leak with the longer periods needed for night time wear time. You can boost absorbency by adding additional inserts but they would not be our first choice of night time nappies. To ensure you night time is free from leaks a highly absorbent two part fitted nappy would be our first choice.

Washing Nappies

Once you have changed baby your nappies need to be washed.  Washing your reusable nappies is very simple, no need for soaking, just pop them into your machine. See our guide to caring for your nappies guide for full details.

Super Soft Disposable Paper Liners

Bambino Mio supersoft paper liners & messless nappy liners are a truly wonderful liner ideal for weaned babies, often overlooked but one of the best in our experience and one that I personally love. Read the product page for more information.

Potty Training & Trainer Pants

Bambino Mio also make a line of potty training pants to help you get your toddler through the final stages to toileting independence.

Bambino Mio also a member of the nappy alliance

Nappy Advice from The Nappy Lady™

If you can't decide which is the best Bambino Mio product for you, then use our free Nappy Lady advice service. Your nappy advisor will discuss your needs and priorities then recommend the most appropriate BambinoMio options for you to order to get started. When you buy from The Nappy Lady you will have free ongoing support for the entire time your baby is in nappies.



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