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Little Lamb

Little Lamb nappies are an economical brand of cloth nappies. Little Lamb make nappies suitable for day time and night time. The Little Lamb bamboo nappies are the most famous of their range.
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Little Lamb Reusable Nappies

The Nappy Lady has worked with and stocked Little Lambs for over 13 years. We stock the full range of Little Lamb brand nappy products in all the sizes and fastenings. They make excellent nappies which are extremely absorbent.

All the fitted nappies come with a fleece liner included. The Little Lamb brand fleece liner is very soft and fluffy and is there to keep baby's skin dry.

Lamb Bamboo Nappy

The bamboo nappy is the original nappy that made the brand so famous. Originally the bamboo nappy only came in velcro but now it also comes in fasten free version that you use a Nappi Nippas to secure it with.

The Velcro fastening options also come with laundry tabs so that when the nappy comes off you can secure the tabs for washing. This prevents the Velcro getting dirty and full of fluff.

So why is this Little Lamb Bamboo nappy so popular?

It can be used for day time or as a night nappy. When using the Bamboo as night nappies you will still need to add additional boosters to get all night time wear unless you have a light wetter. You can place an additional booster inside the night nappy and unlimited around the outside between nappy and wrap.

The Nappy Lady's favourite wrap over the top is the Motherease Airflow wrap as it's incredibly roomy and allows for these additional boosters.

Their fitted nappies are considered a bit bulky in comparison to some other brands but the economical, good value price compensates for this.

Little Lamb Nappy Wraps

Little Lamb nappy wraps are for use over their reusable nappy range but can also be used over other fitted nappies. The waterproof cover is sized and come with Velcro fastening. The wraps are a budget wrap and normally only last one baby, this is reflected in their price.

Little Lamb Cotton Nappies

While Little Lamb are famous for their bamboo fitted nappy they also make a lamb cotton nappy for those that need faster drying but still natural fibres. The cotton fitted nappy can also be used in the tumble dryer on high as cotton is stronger than bamboo. You can still use the cotton as night time nappies.

Washing and Drying Little Lamb Nappies

Little Lambs recommend you use the dry bucket system or dry pailing for storing your soiled nappies. Then on wash day put in the machine with your normal scoop of detergent and wash up to 60deg.

It is best if you can air dry or line dry as this keeps the nappies in a better condition long term. The nappies are super soft when you first get them new but in hard water they will get get harder. Occassionally you can tumble dry to fluff them up, often only a quick tumble is enough. If you have a heated airer their nappy range are suitable for use on this.