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Little Lovebum

Little Lovebum make a diverse range of reusable nappies. There will be a Little Lovebum suitable for you no matter what your requirements. The most popular choices are the onesize Little Lovebum Everyday and Little Lovebum Quickdry. For tiny newborns the Newbies are ideal and for those chunky monkeys the Mighty Max has you covered.

Little Lovebum

Little Lovebum is one of the newer brands on the UK market but has grown substantially since it joined The Nappy Lady family back in 2019. Designed by the wonderful nappy guru Taryn who has a superb attention to detail and has made great value, perfect quality nappies. We were immediately impressed.  Other brands have tried to copy her but are not a patch on her quality, beautiful prints and gorgeous colour choices. You'll have no need for a disposable nappy when you use the superior Lovebum cloth nappies.


Onesize Nappies

The best selling Little Lovebum aio nappies are a osfm nappy (one size fits most). These are the Little Lovebum Everyday and Little Lovebum Quickdry both come with double popper closures and hip poppers to help prevent wing droop to give you the very best fit. The tabs also offer crossover poppers for smaller babies to ensure the nappy sits securely. The Onesize all in one nappies are your perfect no fuss option of cloth nappies with no prepping folding or stuffing.

Little Lovebum Quickdry

The Quickdry given it's name is fast drying and is made of a microfibre core and a stay dry athletic wicking jersey stay dry liner to keep baby's bum dry. The quickdry is ideal if you have limited drying faciliites it's been designed with clothes line, an heated airer, drying racks in mind. It will line dry in a warm house overnight.

Little Lovebum Everyday

The Everyday is the more absorbent nappy which is made with quick to absorb bamboo and super absorbent thirsty hemp. The nappy take a longer time to dry due to it's higher absorbency.

Both nappies can be boosted with extra absorbency for a big toddler or heavier wetters but they are not a system we would recommend for night time use. Hemp boosters from Little Lovebum are available to purchase separately.

All in ones are a great no fuss option.

Other Nappies

Little Lovebum make the Mighty Max which is an all in one nappy just like the Everyday but much bigger. The Mighty Max is perfect for larger toddlers or older potty training children.

The Popper and pocket system is incredibly versatile.  It comes with stretchy longer tabs for a great fit and poppers which prevent wing droop. The waterproof cover is sold without inserts so you can choose exactly the right combination for you making it a good value choice if you already have inserts or old prefold nappies. It is an affordable birth to potty nappy.  The official Little Lovebum trifolds can be poppered into the nappy or placed into the pouch to make a pocket nappy. If used as a pocket nappy the stay dry lining will help keep baby dry and minimise staining. Available in beautiful prints with matching tabs.


For nappy storage try the Little Lovebum Wet Nappy bags and pods. The pods are incredible and ideal for storing your nappies for childcare.