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All In Twos Nappies

All in Twos these fall somewhere between a fitted nappy and an all in one nappy. They should not be confused with a two part nappy system. The inner absorbent pads popper in to the outer wrap and, once poppered, form a one piece nappy. The pads can be unpoppered for washing and to speed dry.

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All In Two Nappies

All in two nappies (AI2) are a fairly small category of cloth nappies compared to all in ones or fitted nappies however don't over look them as they are very clever reliable systems. There are only a few brands that make all in 2 cloth nappy systems.

The waterproof outer cover has an insert poppered (snaps) inside and once this is done you effectively have an "all in" system.  At nappy change time you take out the soiled wet insert and insert a new clean insert, the cover can be reused a few times before washing.

Some all in two inserts have elastic on the insert to increase containment however the cheaper more budget options such as the Little Lovebum snap and wrap are a flat pad that just poppers than lays inside the wrap.

Benefits of all in two nappies

All in twos make slimmer reusable nappies than fitted nappies, generally offer higher containment than a pocket nappy and all in one nappies.

Long term AI2 reusable nappies are more economical as you can just replace an individual part if needed.

All in two cloth nappies give you greater flexibility of using different fabrics without needing entirely different nappies. The waterproof cover re use at nappy changes so you need fewer wraps to inner absorbent inserts.

Wizard Duo all In two reusable nappies

The best selling all in two cloth nappy is the Mother-ease Wizard Duo system. The waterproof outer cover of the Duo is made of the same fabulous material as the Mother-ease Airflow wraps.

The Duo inserts come in the option of staydry or cotton for families that want natural fibres and also offer a night time stay dry insert which offers higher absorbency. The Wizard Duo all in two nappy is also sold in kits bundles to make buying a complete system cheaper and easier for you.

Mother-ease also make the Duo in a newborn option as well as one size. We stock the full range of Wizard Duos.

Close Parent Pop-In

Close Parent Pop In nappy system is another well known brand and popular bamboo fabric AI2 nappy system. I must add however that while the Pop In is officially an AI2 system most families treat it more as an all in one and never take the inserts out. Being officially an AI2 it's possible to buy separate bamboo inserts if you need spares or to help with your washing / drying cycle.

Pop-In is also available in newborn size which is incredibly popular as they are a very economical newborn system which fits very tiny babies, the boxset is often on special offers to help you get started too.

We stock both the one size, newborn and spare parts for the Pop-In nappy.

Other Brands

Bare Boho all in twos are available in hemp or bamboo inserts. Bear Botts are also available in bamboo and staydry. Lighthouse kids with their Supreme, Bubblebubs Candies with their 3 layer inserts.

Washing an all in two nappy

The outer cover and the inserts can be washed together in one wash. The outer wrap will air dry super quickly, the wet insert won't dry as fast as the outers but dry quicker than fitted nappies.

The inserts can usually be tumble dried if required urgently but as with all cloth nappies it's better to air dry whenever possible.