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Bubblebubs cloth nappies are an Australia brand. Bubblebubs make a large range of reusable nappies, offering something for every type of baby shape. Bubblebubs also make nappy wraps with super soft covers and a range of nappy accessories.

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When It's Gone It's Gone!
Candie 3 layer booster by Bubblebubs
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Bubblebubs most popular nappies are the one size fitted nappy options in the BIG and the Bamboo Delights. These reusable fitted nappies are designed for use from newborn to toilet training, weight range being approx 8-35lbs.

Fitted Nappies

Bubble bubs bamboo cloth nappies are beautifully soft and very absorbent. The Bamboo Delights fasten with side poppers which are perfect for tummy sleepers. The BIGS fasten with Nappi Nippas giving you the perfect fit.


If you prefer an all in system then the Bubblebubs Candies are perfect cloth nappies. The ultra easy to adjust slim all in two nappy system, the gusset giving extra protection against blow outs. At nappy changes you only change the Candies insert and reuse the cover.


Bubblebubs Pebbles are the most adorable newborn nappy you will find. Absolutely perfect for tiny prem babies.


Bubblebubs pul covers are made with traditional Velcro's fastening and are one of the few wraps left available in this hook and loop option. These soft covers are fastened with HTH (high technology hook) tape which is softer than traditional Velcro so won't rub little one's skin.