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Easy Peasy Nappies have been our favourite work at home Mum (WAHM) brand for over 20 years. The Nappy Lady works very closely with Easy Peasy developing products and bringing you the best reusable nappies from this little British brand.
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Easy Peasy Nappies

Easy Peasy are most famous for the wonderfully soft and fluffy Easy Peasy Bumble and Easy Peasy Bimble most peoples nappy kits will contain an Easy Peasy.  Easy Peasy cloth nappies are made in Oxford in the UK by the lovely Alison. All the Easy Peasy range are two part nappies and offer great containment.

Each nappy has a fleece lining which forms a pocket where boosters are kept. The fleece liner keeps moisture away from baby's skin. In hard water areas the outer of the nappy fabric will go harder when washed if it's not tumble dried to fluff it up however the inside which stays next to babies skin will stay soft.


The Easy Peasy Bumble is a one size fitted nappy that's super absorbent, especially good fit for tall and chunky monkeys plus it's fleece lined to keep baby's skin feeling dry. The fleece llining helps to minimise staining of the fabric below. Being it's full fleece lining there is no risk of a separate liner moving and the poo missing it.

Popper fastening is the most popular as it's the most versatile. You an fasten with a nappi nippa or use the poppers.

The Bumble can be tumble dried as it's made of cotton. It is also suitable for overnight use.

Easy Peasy Hemp Booster

The hemp booster is really quite famous in nappy world as it's just simply such a brilliant hemp booster. Really absorbent, not too bulky and made in the UK. It can be used in any cloth nappies.

What's not to like?

As with all hemp the booster must be washed before first use due to the natural oils in the fabric. The more washes the booster has the more absorbent it becomes.

Easy Peasy Bimble Newborn Nappy

For newborns you can't possibly beat the Easy Peasy Bimble. The easy peasy Bimble nappy has been our best selling newborn reusable nappy for over 20 years. The Bimble is our favourite nappy for those that need two part newborn nappy from birth. Of all the newborn nappies on the market the Bimble is just perfect. It's beautifully absorbent for a newborn size nappy, perfect fit for tiny babies, the fit is super adjustable when secured with a nappy nippa, when baby wets the full fleece layer so keeps baby dry. It really is a gorgeous nappy.

The Bimble is a sized nappy and is designed for the early days with a newborn. Containment is excellent and minimises leaks. Baby will then be moved onto a bigger one size nappy. The Bimble fas

The Bimble can be tumble dried as it's made of cotton.

Nappy Wraps

All the Easy Peasy nappies require an outer waterproof wrap. The cover goes over the top as they are two part nappies but they go into the washing together. The Mother-ease Airflow cover is the perfect choice for every single nappy.