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Flip Nappies

Flip Nappies are made by the same parent brand who make Bumgenius. The Flip nappy system is a flat style of reusable nappies.
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Flip Nappies

Flip cloth nappies are a highly versatile range it is also a hybrid nappy system. Flip nappies are part of the Cotton Babies family of reusable nappies and are sometimes called Bumgenius Flip.

With the Flip you can choose between organic day, organic night, quick drying microfibre washable nappies or even disposable inserts for holidays or the change bag. One cover and four reusable options of inserts for you to Flip and choose between.

Flip Inserts

Cotton Babies make a range of inserts for the Flip Nappy.

Flip stay dry inserts are the lowest absorbency but also the quickest drying. The dry insert has a built in staydry layer on top to keep baby's skin dry. The pad has simple guide lines on the pad so you can simply fold it so you get the right pad length for every stage of your baby's growth.

The Flip organic cotton inserts are available in day time and night time options and perfect if you want to use natural fabrics on your baby.

The day time opens out wide which really speeds up the drying time. Once opened the day time insert is a similar thickness to a muslin.

The Flip Organic night time insert is much more absorbent and thicker but therefore has a longer drying time. For night times you generally only need one insert a night so as long as you have 5 night time inserts you will still be able to air dry them in time.

Flip disposable inserts fit into the cover just like the cloth nappy inserts but instead you throw the insert away. The disposable inserts are only really designed for holidays or short periods of time rather than your full time nappy system.

Flip Wrap

The Flip Wrap is a key component of the Flip reusable nappy system. The Flip wrap is a one size popper fastening wrap which is super adjustable using the rise poppers on the body of the wrap to adjust the length and waist. The stretchy tabs allow the wrap to fit neatly and gives a fantastic snug fit at the waist. The Bumgenius patented popper placement is used on the Flip nappy giving you the fit you know and trust from their all in one nappies.

The Flip wrap can be used over some other nappies as long as they aren't a very wide fitting at the legs. You can in theory use any flat or prefold insert in your Flip covers it doesn't have to be the Flip branded range if you have old prefolds to use up.