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Splash About are the leading supplier of baby reusable swim nappies in the UK. Splash About offer the highest containment and are the required swim nappy brand for most swimming pools
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Splash About Brand

Splash About brand make the most advanced reusable swim nappy for babies on the market. No need for baby disposable swim nappies when you have a poonami proof Happy Nappy.

Containment Ribs

The unbeatable poo containment of the Splash About baby range comes from the waist and thigh ribs which ensure it fits snugly on your little ones so no poo can escape into the pool.

The swim nappy comes up quite high and  gives upper body coverage helps to keep those up the back poo explosions safely contained. It also sits lower down the leg so you have a fabulous explosion zone to keep everything inside. Never fear unexpected tummy bugs hitting while in the poo as everything will be contained.

Happy Nappy Duo - The Splash About All In One

The Splash About Duo is an all in one system. No need for the traditional separate inner nappy wrap as it's already built into the Duo. Add nappy liners if required and then with the Duo you just put on baby and go.  Ideal for a wriggly toddler who can't lay still for a minute.

The Duo is still suitable for swim schools, swimming lessons, the beach or your local pool as it's still a two layer swim nappy system it's just that the two layers are put on as one.

Original Happy Nappy

The original Happy Nappy designed for swimming lessons needed three layers. The three layers worn are the outer Happy Nappy, inner nappy wrap and the optional nappy liner.

Older Kids

For older toddlers and kids the Splash About Splash Jammers are perfect. Splash Jammers offer the same unbeatable protection as the Happy Nappy but just in bigger sizes. Go to the pool in confidence no matter the age or size.

Adult Swimwear

Splash Jammers are also available in adult sizes.