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Reusable baby wipes are an essential for any parent. Many parents use reusable baby wipes even if they use disposable nappies. Cheeky Wipes are a well known brand of reusable wipes and offer many fabric choices.

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Cheeky Wipes Reusable Baby Wipes

The Nappy Lady stocks Cheeky washable baby wipes in cotton or bamboo or microfibre for gentle, quick baby clean ups. Shop for your favourite wipe system in our Reusable Wipes section.

Cloth Wipes are so much quicker to use than disposable wipes you will never go back. Combined with cloth nappies you do a nappy change quicker than anyone using a disposable nappy. I've done it myself so I know it's true. For a pooey nappy I usually only used 2 wipes but for a wet nappy only one wipe would be needed. 

You can also use wipes for hands and faces. Because the wipes grip so well you usually only needed one wipe to get little one clean.

Cloth Wipe Kits

Cheeky Wipes also make ready made kits containing the wipe of your choice plus all the accessories you need. All in one kit is a complete system to get you set up straight away. The boxes are the perfect size to hold the Cheeky brand cloth wipes.

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The Nappy Lady site has a great stock of cloth wipes and sells them in a pack so you have just the right amount to get started. The Nappy Lady offers super speedy delivery at affordable prices. Free shipping available for larger orders too.

Wet or Dry Wipes

Is it up to you how you store your wipes. You can keep them wet so they are ready to go when you need them or if you use them less often keep them dry and wet as needed.

Storage Bags

When you're on the go you will need waterproof bags to store your wipes. Two Cheeky travel bag options are available, the Fresh baby bag for clean wipes or the Mucky wipes bag for used dirty wipes.  The Mucky bag is lined with a mesh bag to make removal of your soiled dirty baby wipes easy. No nasty chemicals needed when you use Cheeky Wipes. The bags are perfect to grab as you leave the house on the way to playgroup.

Essential Oils

The Nappy Lady stocks a wide variety of essential oils made by Cheeky Wipes. These are essential oil soaking solution for fresh clean wipes as well as for santising dirty mucky wipes. Choose your favourite Cheeky scent from a range of beautifully delicate oils. You will only need a few drops so each bottle goes a long way.

Washing Washable Wipes

It is really simple to wash your wipes. Empty your used wipes out of your Cheeky storage bag or container and tip them into the washing machine. A quick wash on a rinse cycle and then a long cotton wash. After the rinse cycle you can add in other household washing so you're not doing an unnecessary washing load.

Period Pants

Cheeky also make a large range of period pants allowing you to have an eco period. Period pantys are more absorbent than disposable sanitary protection and also far more comfortable.

Saving Money

Whether you are using washable baby wipes, period pants or cloth sanitary pads all of these will be saving you money. Go shopping at The Nappy Lady today, add your wipes to your basket, checkout. Once you've purchased them they will go on and on and last you years.