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Newborn Reusable Nappies

Our selection of newborn nappies are designed for use while baby is under 12lbs. Newborn cloth nappies are incredibly trim fitting so perfect for the early days. Newborn nappies normally only fit up to 8weeks old but if baby was premature or very small you may find you get longer use out of them. Most babies move onto one size nappies after this size.

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Newborn Cloth Nappies

Newborn reusable nappies are tiny nappies especially designed for the very early newborn days. Newborn reusable nappies are often called size 0 as well and generally aim to fit from 5-12lbs although some fit from a lower weight range.

Most babies once they have outgrown newborn size move onto birth to potty nappies (aka one size nappies) after they grow out of newborn / size 0 reusable nappies.

Fitted Newborn Cloth Nappy Options

Our best selling two part nappy system for newborns are the brilliantly soft fleece lined Bimbles, Mother-ease Sandys XS, slim bamboo BamBams, Muslin cloth. Apart from the Sandys most of these fasten with a nappi nippa so you get the perfect snug fit.

Two part nappies are the most absorbent newborn option however none of them will be super absorbent as they are designed for a tiny baby and in the early days babies should be changed every 2 hours whether you use reusable nappies or disposable nappies. The fitted nappies are suitable for night time wear as you'll still be changing baby during the night. Very few newborns are a true heavy wetter. Newborn nappies give just the right amount of absorbency for a newborn but you must remember that a newborn needs to be changed very frequently.

Drying time of newborn reusable nappies variest depending on the fabric. Microfibre will be quick drying or cotton muslins are dries quickly. Bamboo will be slower drying. Very few newborn nappies are made of hemp as newborns do not require the high absorbency of hemp.

All of these require a waterproof layer over the top. The best selling nappy wraps for newborns are the Motherease Airflow or Rikki, Thirsties XS, Rumaprooz newborn covers. The wrap is the reason why two part systems offer the highest containment.

A two part reusable nappy and wrap will protect you the best against leaks and prevent poonamis of any nappy system and far superior to disposables.

All In One Newborn Reusable Nappy Options

Excellent choices for the newborn all in ones are Lil Joeys by Kangacare, Bubblebubs Pebbles, Close Pop In newborns, Blueberry Newborn Simplex, Motherease Wizard Unos XS or Little Lovebum Newbie. All come with adjustable poppers to give you a snug fit on a little one. The absorbency will be lower than the two part options above so do not use these for night time. All in ones are great as part of your newborn stash but I wouldn't have them as your only newborn cloth nappy option.

Premature Baby Reusable Nappies

If you are expecting to have a prem baby or just a very low birth weight newborn or just tiny babies in general then the newbornsize can still be too big. We have a range of extra small newborn nappies or nappies that are super adjustable for babies down to 2lbs.

Nappy Liners for Newborn Modern Cloth Nappies

You don't have to use a nappy liner with a newborn as their poo is so liquidy the washing machine can remove it however the thought of putting poo in the washing machine is often a step too far for many first time parents.  I would always recommend you use a nappy liner as it will help remove some of the poo. A fleece liner would also help minimise staining. The best paper liners for a newborn are the Bambinex paper liners as they are thick and designed to deal with liquid poo very well.

Reusable Wipes

Midwives usually tell families to use cotton wool and water with their newborn baby however there is no reason you can't use reuseable wipes on baby. They are just the same as cotton wool except you wash and reuse washable wipes. Washable wipes are also much  better at cleaning up a newborn, they are gentle on baby's skin, they are bigger and the texture of a wipe grips the little bits of poo so baby's bum is clean quicker. Wipes can go in the wash with your nappies.

Newborn Nappies UK

At The Nappy Lady we stock the best newborn nappies UK. We also offer newborn nappies bulk buy bundles.