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Reusable Wipes

Reusable wipes are fabulous for quick, easy and cost effective clean ups. The Nappy Lady stocks the very best reusable baby wipes and reusable wipes kits.  Cheeky Wipes cloth wipes are available in various fabrics including cotton wipes and bamboo wipes.

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Cheeky Wipes Reusable Wipes
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Poppets Bamboo Cloth Wipes
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Reusable Wipes Kits By Cheeky Wipes

Reusable Baby Wipes

Cloth reusable baby wipes are great for babies.  Baby Wipes made of cloth grip onto poo rather than smearing it round as disposable wet wipes do, significantly reducing the time it takes to clean baby.  One wipe and you'll be done, you can't do the same with disposable wipes. Parents all over the world love them and are discovering the joy of a traditional terry cloth cotton cloth wipe.

Cloth Wipes Suitable For Everyone

Suitable for newborn wipes when used with just water right up to adults. Suitable for bums, hand and faces. You will find cloth wipes are much quicker and easier to clean baby up, even with meconium they deal with it by gripping the poo and removing it from baby. Eco- friendly and no nasty chemicals

Super absorbent they hold the cleansing water so that they glide over the skin easily. Once you've tried a cloth wipe you'll never got back to disposable wipes, .what's not to like kind to the skin and kind to your pocket. Make the change today. Many parents who use reusable wipes only use disposable nappies so don't worry if you haven't made the move to reusable nappies you can still use washable wipes.

Washable baby wipes are also fabulous for cleaning hands and faces. Store your clean and soiled wipes in reusable wipes boxes by Cheeky Wipes.

How To Use Reusable Wipes

Simple and easy to use, just wet them so they are ready to use, wipe over the bum or skin, throw the soiled used wipes into your storage bag or container and mesh bag until wash day. Dirty wipes are easy to wash, just pop them in your washing machine. If you use cloth nappies already just pop your wipes in your nappy wash.

My Mother in law was sceptical when I first mentioned that we were going to change from cotton wool however once she tried one she adored them and would never use anything else for nappy changes.

Reusable Wipe Fabric Options

Wipes come in a variety of fabrics, cotton, bamboo and microfibre. Microfibre can only be used for hands and faces. Cheap wipes tend to be made of microfbire but remember those are not suitable for bums.

Reusable bamboo wipes tend to be the softest. Reusable cotton wipes tend to be the best for gripping mess.

Reusable Wipe Kits

For your cloth wipes system you will need washable wipes, a wet wipes box storage for wet clean wipes and storage for soiled wipes. Other than this no accessories or products are needed.

Reusable wipes are eco friendly and offer value for money.

There are free samples of our best selling reusable baby wipes in The Nappy Lady incentive scheme nappy kits.

What Reusable Wipe Solution To Use?

You don't have to have any fancy wipes solutions you can use just water. If you prefer to have a scent use Poppets Cloth Wipes Solution to make a beautiful natural cleansing solution.

Reusable Wipe Brands

The Nappy Lady stocks a wide range of washable wipes from small businesses partnering with The Nappy Lady. Key brands The Nappy Lady, Cheeky Wipes, Little Lamb, Bambino Mio, Petit Lulu, Little Lovebum

Eco Switch

Did you know disposable wipes often contain plastic in the actual wipes not just the packaging? Switch to reusable wipes today and reduce your environmental impact, reduce plastic consumption and reduce the use of drain blocking disposable wipes.