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Motherease have been our best selling reusable nappy brand since we started back in 1999. Mother-ease make world class "bomb" proof Airflow wrap, suitable for use over every cloth nappy. Motherease also make the "driest" stay dry feel nappy we've ever used. The Motherease staydry layer in the Wizard UNO all in one and Wizard DUO all in two is unbeatable!

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Mother-ease Wizard Duo Perfectly Balanced Birth to Potty Kits
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Motherease Wizard UNO Stay-Dry Part-Time Kit
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Cotton Sandy's XS Newborn Nappy Hire
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STAYDRY Sandy's XS Newborn Nappy Hire
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Mother-ease Bamboo Disposable Nappy Liner
Mother-ease Stay Dry Breastpads
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UNO Natural Cotton Part Time Kit
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Wizard DUO XS Newborn Hire Kit
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Motherease and The Nappy Lady are old friends. 

We have been stocking Motherease right since we started back in 1999.  Wendy and her family visited the Motherease family a few years ago and took in a tour of their factory and store. It was on this visit that the idea for the Nappy Lady exclusive best selling Prism print was formed. 

Nappies Made in Canada

Motherease are a family run company based in Ontario Canada where all Motherese products are manufactured in ther own factory. Mother-ease have been making some of the best reusable nappies in the world for over 30 years. It's wonderful to have a nappy brand that is still made in it's home country rather than another being made in China.

Mother-ease make cloth nappies (or cloth diapers in Canada) in a variety of fabrics so you can find one that perfectly matches your families needs. Washing nappies is simple! Read our washing guide for full instructions

Mother-ease Fabrics

For quick drying try the Motherease stay dry fabric. It's super fast drying, always stays soft and keeps baby drier than any other staydry cloth nappy we've ever found.  If you prefer more natural fabrics try their unbleached or organic cotton reusable nappies. 

Wizard Uno Reusable Nappies

The Motherease Wizard Uno is an all in one nappy.  It is possibly the most perfect cloth nappy you will come across. The Motherease Wizard Uno all in one is amazingly absorbent, gives an excellent fit, offering excellent containment -free from leaks and fits the vast majority of babies. Wizard unos are simple to wash, just throw into the washing machine without the need to separate individual parts. We are HUGE fans can you tell!  The Wizard Uno is available in newborn XS size or the ever popular birth to potty Onesize option.  Uno all in one nappies are available in Stay dry and unbleached cotton fabrics.

Motherease Airflow Cover

Motherease Airflow wrap is perfection. Other cloth nappy brands over the years have tried to copy it but they just can't match the quality, design and reliability of the Mother-ease Airflow cover.  The airflow cover can be altered separately at the waist and legs so you can get the optimal fit. The Airflow wrap can be used over virtually every single nappy on the market. The one exception are pad folded flat nappies such as Terry Squares however for these you could use the Motherease Rikki velcro wrap which has a gusset which is ideal for holding pad folded nappies and preventing leaks .

Motherease Sandys Nappies

The Mother-ease Sandys product is available in both unbleached cotton and cotton stay dry. The Sandys nappy is an incredibly absorbent two part nappy for use with an airflow wrap over the top. Sandys comes in a variety of sizes from newborn up to toddler which is called a toddlease. You can get the perfect fit cloth nappy for your baby while still having an easy, simple and effective nappy system..

Big Kid Pants & Bedwetters

For older children you can not beat their trainer pant range. For day time use,the Motherease Big Kid Pants are perfect with their absorbent attached cotton lining they make a reliable pull up nappy with a brilliantly elasticated waist. The Big Kid Pants come in a variety of size options.

For night time heavy wetters, potty training or older children the Motherease bedwetter pants are amazing and come in a variety of sizes. The sewn in cotton inner is designed to offer super high absorbent pull ups giving you leak free nights.

Nappy Accessories

Mother-ease make a range of essential accessories to make using your nappies simple.  The Mother-ease nappy bucket is the largest we stock along with the matching mesh laundry bag.  There are a range of wet nappy bags, absorbent nappy boosters including with their famous stay dry fabric, reusable stay dry breast pads and now absorbent reusable menstrual pads under the product name Mesara.

Nappy Advice

If you are unsure which is the best Motherease product for you, then use our free Nappy Lady advice service. Your nappy advisor will discuss your needs and priorities then recommend the most appropriate Mother-ease options for you. Ask any questions at all and learn everything you need to become a nappy expert.

If you speak to any of our customers who has used cloth nappies you can guarantee that Motherease will be in their nappy stash or set. You can't go wrong choosing Motherease for all your nappy needs.