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Bambinex are a long standing brand of reusable nappies that we have stocked for over 15 years. Bambinex made a wide range of products covering everything you will need. Bambinex are firm favourites of reusable nappy users.
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Bambinex Bamboo Nappies

Bambinex make two fitted nappies in their range. The most famous are the Bambinex Bamboo Nappies which is a sized fitted nappy made of bamboo fibres. Bamboo nappies are super absorbent, slim but are also slow drying. Bamboo nappies are excellent for hot climates or for times when a high absorbency nappy is needed such as night time. At night times the nappy must be used with additional high absorbency boosters. This is a generous length nappy.

Teddy Nappy

Bambinex also make the Teddy nappy. It is the same cut and shape as the Bambinex Bamboo Nappy but it is made of super soft, fast drying microfibre. Ideal for those with limited drying options. Teddy nappies are only suitable for daytime. The Teddy is a fitted nappy.

Bambinex Nappies

Both of the fitted nappies are a generous length and suitable for potentially tall children. Both nappies have long tabs ideal for a chunkier baby and larger than average leg holes for chunky thighs.  Both nappies also cover a slightly larger weight range than other nappies which again gives a roomier fit. Bambinex Bamboo and Teddy nappies come in nappy size 1 and size 2 and across these sizes will fit birth to potty training.

As with all cloth nappies please do not use fabric softeners when washing these nappies.

Bambinex Wrap

Bambinex also make their own outer wrap. This is the waterproof layer that goes over fitted nappies. The Bambinex outer wrap is a generous size and can be used over almost all fitted nappies and terry squares.

Adult Nappies

Bambinex also make a range of larger size nappies that fit from teens to adults. These are all in one nappies and have the option of separate boosters if extra absorbency is needed.