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Lyonsleaf's multi-award winning products are handmade using homegrown herbs and their revolutionary water free recipes in Somerset, UK.

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Lyonsleaf Pure Baby Balm
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Lyonsleaf Zinc and Calendula Cream
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Water free recipes are an excellent choice for sensitive skin as they do not require artificial chemicals or harsh preservatives to stabilise them, these products therefore contain 100% natural ingredients and absolutely nothing else. A great choice for even the most delicate of skin.

With a huge accolade of awards for Family Skincare, Nappy Cream and Problem Skin (plus much more) these highly multitasking products know no limits, boldly winning multiple Gold Awards over the years for Nappy Cream. Lyonsleaf products are a cupboard essential for all households and not just for those with young children. These simple recipes are packed full of effective ingredients that are extremely gentle on skin, meaning they are perfect for baby and highly suited to very sensitive skin or those whose skin barrier requires some extra TLC.

Lyonsleaf is our go-to-brand for those with sensitive skin and chronic skin conditions

Republic of natural skincare

Lyonsleaf mission is to provide 100% natural, safe, effective and cruelty free skincare suitable for the whole family and all skin types at an affordable price with the least environmental impact as possible.

Lyonsleaf's undiluted range is made with 100% active ingredients - each one playing a role in improving your skin. They are all used in their most unprocessed state, bursting with vitamins and antioxidants and blended at the lowest temperature possible to preserve beneficial compounds.

Lyonsleaf products contain:

• Naturally nourishing plant oils

•  Organic beeswax  • Minerals

• Home-grown herbal extracts

• Absolutely Nothing else.

Lyonsleaf believe their water free system offers far superior hydration and protection to all, including those with sensitive skin and because they grow and process the herbs used themselves, they have complete control over the storage and quality, making their products more potent and effective than others on the market.

Lyonsleaf has been making natural skincare products since 2011. We are delighted that they join The Nappy Lady family in offering natural products for your baby and family.


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