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Nappy Pods are ideal for sending reusable nappies to childcare, storing clean cloth nappies for day trips, or even just as a swimming or sports kit bag. A nappy pod is an essential for the well organized parent and baby and far more than just a wet bag.

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Nappy Pods

Nappy pods are a recent addition to the must have nappy accessories for families using modern cloth nappies with their babies. Since nappy pods were invented they are a bag that parents do not know how they ever lived without. Pods are different to a wet bag. Pods make a wonderful baby gift for friends or new parents.

A nappy pod is about the size of a football bootbag so it's small enough to be stored inside your main change bag.  A pod allows you to store all of your clean cloth nappies, inserts and wraps together so you don't have to rummage in your bag to find a clean nappy. A nappy pod is also waterproof so it keeps your clean cloth nappies dry and clean from spills in your main nappy bag.

The average pod is the perfect size for holding 8 modern one size cloth nappies which is enough to cover a day trip out even for heavy wetters. See our photos of pods in use.

You can see all the pocket nappies, one size or all in one nappies neatly lined up ready for use. They look so tidy and organised and you can quickly count how many nappies you have. Pods are also ideal for storing clean dry wipes for use when out and about. Ideal for sending your cloth nappies to nursery

Nappy Pod Wet Bags

Pods are made of the same waterproof PUL - polyurethene laminate as traditional baby wet bags. This makes it so versatile as you can keep clean cloth nappies inside to keep them soil free and dry. Or you can also use the pod to keep soiled nappies inside and protect other items in your bag.

Pods are a square shape and take up less room than a traditional wet bag. Pods have a handle or straps that can be poppered around or hung off their pram or pushchair handles or to hang from a door hook.

If you like your accessories to match you will find that you can get a matching wet bag and pod in the same print, colour and designs.

Night Time

Are you going away over night? Your Pod could hold just your night time nappies either for yourself or baby's babysitter. Keep your day and night nappies separate so they don't accidently get mixed up.

Washing Your Pod

When you get home grab your nappy pod which is storing dirty nappies, empty the nappies and wipes into the washing machine and then add your pod into the nappy wash at the same time. Line dry your nappy pod, it dries very quickly just like a wet bag as it doesn't have any absorbency to it.

A Pod's Other Uses

Pods can be used for absolutely anything and not just cloth nappies. Common other uses are as wet bags for swimming to keep your dry costume in to go swimming and store the wet one after swimming.

Wet bag for a child's sports kit so it's kept separate from dirty boots - our daughter runs cross country so we keep her vest in the pod before the race and then store the dirty clothes after the race.

A pod can be a quick grab bag that has the key things you need if you're ever in a hurry - ideal for that sudden rush to the supermaket, rush to the Doctors, running late for something.

Pod Designs

Reusable nappy pods are made by the best selling UK nappy brands including La Petite Ourse, Little Lovebum and Petite Crown. You can buy your nappy pod to match or coordinate with your cloth nappies or wet bags.

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7 Reasons Why You Need Nappy Pods

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