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Bright Bots

Bright Bots brand is most famous for their potty training pants however the brand makes many other reusable nappies. Bright Bots Terry Squares are unbeatable quality and value.

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Bright Bots Reusable Nappy Brand

Bright Bots make a wide range of great value cloth nappies all at affordable prices.

Training Pants

The pull up trainer pants are the original Bright Bots product and have been in production for 20 years. The trainer pant with a pul lining design has barely changed in that time and as generations of parents have found they are just fabulous washable training pants. The Bright Bots training pants are perfect for the child who isn't quite ready for normal knickers or pants yet and has little accidents. Get your child out of disposable pull ups and potty trained quicker.

Terry Squares

The White Bots terry squares are just like the traditional terry squares previous generations of little ones used. Soft, fluffy, loopy fabric made from natural fibres which is super absorbent.  The Nappy Lady sells the terry squares singly if you just want to try one, in packs but also in nappy kit bundles

Bamboo and Cotton

Terry squares come in either traditional cotton or we also stock the bamboo / cotton blend. Available in a pack or singly. Traditional white and cream are the most popular but Bright Bot also make vibrant terrys in traditional gender colours for boys or girls but also a wonderful mix of unisex. The Nappy Lady has in stock the the perfect combination for all our customers.

Birds Eye Flat Nappies

Birds Eye flat nappies are one of the latest products to join the Bright Bot range. Large, slim quick drying birds eye fabric is a traditional weave which is coming back into popularity. Ideal for stuffing a pocket nappy or pad folded in a waterproof wrap.