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Virtual Demos available via Zoom & In Person!

All our demos are run by our expert Nappy Lady Advisors who have many years of nappy advising experience.

We offer three types of virtual demos:

  1. Beginners' Group Demo,
  2. Private One To One Demo
  3. Troubleshooting Quick Session
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Did you know we offer Reusable Nappy Hire Kits?

The Nappy Lady Is The UK's Leading Reusable Nappy Expert

Reusable nappies are also known as cloth nappies, washable nappies, modern cloth nappies, real nappies, cotton nappies, cloth diapers, cotton terry squares, terry nappies, terry squares but in the end they all mean the same thing - reusable nappies are soft fabric nappies that are washed and reused and not thrown away as disposable nappies are. The world of reusable nappies are completely different to what older generations remember and thankfully no more plastic pants, reusable nappies are onto the next generation now, get started today with convenient reusable nappies.

We are the reusable nappy specialists!  We've been offering free comprehensive nappy advice and selling reusable nappies since 1999. We sell many different brands of washable nappies and have the best range in the UK, no need to look for other brands or choices for your stash. If you are interested in washable nappies we are the place to go, whatever your needs or situation we have found and can provide the nappy solution.

We sell an extensive range of reusable nappies and have a cloth nappy that works for every baby from cute newborn babies to very heavy wetters with little effort. We have reusable nappies for everyone. Parents often worry that their baby will get nappy rash due to cloth nappies but modern reusable nappies are free from nasties, super absorbent to keep your baby's skin free from nappy rash.

Did you know that a disposable nappy takes more than 500 years to biodegrade. This means if Henry VIII had been wearing single use nappies we could dig them up and examine them today! Should they really be called disposables.... more like be around forever!

Even if you don't use reusable nappies full time every single eco friendly cloth nappy you use is saving a disposable nappy from landfill, reducing your family's carbon footprint and saving the earth's resources. Leaving a healthier planet for your baby. It doesn't matter if you're on your first child or your fifth child every reusable nappy used saves waste and the environment. Reusing reusable nappies is better than refuse! Not all nappies are rubbish! In landfills, they languish for over 500 years, emitting harmful methane. Embrace modern reusable nappies, which use only 2% of raw materials and generate a mere 1% of waste compared to single-use disposables, and be a part of the eco-solution. Reusable Nappies are the nappies the future generation needs us to use now! Leave a healthier planet for your baby.

Once your child is potty trained (around approx 2 year old to 3 year old) you can store your reusable nappies for a second child or passed on so they can be used in the future for more than one child, you definitely cant do that with disposables.

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