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MuslinZ are the leading UK brand of muslins. High quality just as muslins should be and have been for generations and generations. MuslinZ have also expanded into quality bamboo Terry Squares, reusable wipes and prefolds.

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MuslinZ is a fantastic brand who pride themselves on high quality products and pay attention to details.  They listen to their customers feedback and keep adding to their range with new fantastic products. Their products are all made of thick, quality traditional flat nappies that are just the same as have been used for generations.

Muslins are frequently used as burp cloths but they are so much more than that. Newborn nappies, bibs, drying babies skin at nappy changes, comforters, cleaning cloths, tea towels or even for separating your sediment in your Port. I don't think there is a job they can't do! 

MuslinZ Muslins

MuslinZ Muslins are the perfect size for newborn nappies and provide just the right absorbency a newborn baby needs. You will need to change every two to 2.5 hours which is the recommended change frequency for a young baby. You can start usins Muslinz right from birth. Use with a newborn waterproof cover over the top. They work perfectly with the Mother-ease Airflow wraps. A nappi nippa is required to hold the folded muslin in place, try the Jo fold as your initial muslin fold.

When my babies were small we had 36 muslins and one day our pile of clean muslins was down the last one as the rest were all scattered everywhere over the house. My babies are now big teenagers but those Terry Squares are still going strong 18 years later, definitely got our money 's worth from them.

MuslinZ muslins have so many uses but they are still at an economical price.

Read the reviews from our customers and discover their experiences and how they love Muslinz too. Shop the best of the brand at The Nappy Lady. We offer super fast delivery and have excellent stock levels.

MuslinZ Fabric

MuslinZ muslins come in either standard cotton but also organic cotton. We stock standard cotton in white or a whole series of beautiful modern colours and prints, many exclusive to The Nappy Lady. Organic cotton are either unbleached but if you prefer white we also offer organic cotton in white these will have been through a bleaching process. Which will you choose the choice is yours!

MuslinZ Terry Squares

Muslinz Terry Squares are made of a blend of bamboo and cotton. Bamboo is a delicate fabric so the cotton gives them stretch to width stand nippi nippas. We sell Muslinz Terry Squares in a pack but also singly so you can just try one before committing to a pack.

MuslinZ Prefolds

MuslinZ prefolds are made of light weight muslin fabric woven into layers upon layers to make absorbent flat inserts ideal for stuffing into pocket nappies or wraps.


Muslinz mainly make one size reusable flat nappies however in their light weight prefolds they come in sizes so you get the perfect fit for your baby.

MuslinZ Wipes

MuslinZ bamboo reusable wipes are more than just baby wipes they are fabulous reusable wipes for anyone.  Ideal for removing makeup, flannels or wash cloths and of course as large reusable baby wipes. Muslinz reusable wipes are larger than many other brands on the market and people love this for this reason. As with their muslins the wipes are also at an economical and competitive price.

MuslinZ Brand

Muslinz is a UK brand and the range are all made in Pakistan