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Disana make our best selling merino wool nappy wraps available in amazing modern colours. The Nappy Lady also stocks Disana's organic cotton muslins and the popular traditional knitted tie on cloth nappy.  Disana make everything you need to care for your merino wool wraps including Disana wool shampoo and natural lanolin.

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Disana organic merino wool, boiled wool and natural clothing products are all made in the Disana factory in Germany.

Disana Wool Fabric

Natural wool is a fantastic fabric for nappy wraps as organic wool is the most breathable fibre which helps to prevent nappy rash and is gentle on babies skin. Wool fibres help keep baby at the same temperature as they regular heat making them are suitable for keeping baby warm on cold days in winter or for keeping baby cool in hot weather in summer. Wool's natural fibres are self cleaning and surprisingly easy to care for, in fact wool is simply amazing. Organic Merino Wool is just the most beautiful natural fabric you can use.

Disana Wool Colours

Disana make their wool products in a wide range of colours. Over the years the colours will amend slightly with the changes of fashion. There are blue for a little boy and a beautiful soft pink for a little girl plus a wide range of unisex colours. Of course no reason why girls can't wear the blues and boys can rock the pink! Grown ups will love the on trend mustard and aqua colours in the most recent release. The Nappy Lady keeps a fantastic stock and availability of all sizes and colours.

Disana Woolen Overpants

Wool nappy wraps are surprisingly easy to care for and dirt resistant.  They are best cared for via hand washing in hand hot water. It's simple to hand wash but some families do wash them on a wool cycle and then air dry on a drying rack. To wash your Disana woollen overpants you will need Disana's wool detergent, you will also need to lanolise your Disana nappy wrap to keep it waterproof. More details can be found in our caring for wool section , follow the simple washing guides and stick wraps being washed in luke warm water as hot water will lead to a felted garment. If using wool at night you do not usually use a baby sleeping bag as it limits evaporation. The Disana woollen overpants are elastic free for the ultimate comfortable and natural nappy system.

Disana Knitted Tie On Nappy

For an incredibly good value reusable nappy you can not beat the Disana knitted tie on nappy. The Knitted tie on nappy is soft on babies skin and entirely plastic free, no poppers or Velcro.  Combine with a Disana woollen overpants and your Disana nappy system is as environmentally friendly and as natural as you can get.

If you also have a chunky monkey consider the Disana pull up wraps. These are budget friendly and come in large sizes suitable for even the biggest children.

Disana Clothing Sizes

Disana clothing comes in EU sizes such as 62 -68, 74-80, 86-92. These are measurements are cm based on your little ones height.

Disana Nappy System