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The Strucket bucket is the water and soaking solution you have been looking for. The Strucket is like a normal bucket but better. It is far more versatile and superior. Ideal for cloth nappies or baby clothes.
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Strucket Makes Soaking Simple

Is the ultimate soaking solution you never you needed until now! Soak your items and never have to touch the dirty toxic mess again - perfect if like me you have sensitive skin.

Strucket Has Infinite Uses

Your Strucket bucket has endless uses. It can be used for soaking cloth nappies, soaking baby's clothes or baby bibs. How about cleaning Dad's golf balls, Pet's stuff, kid's stuff - cleaning lego was such a chore before I found the Strucket. 

In fact the Strucket makes soaking anything simple and stress free. The whole house will have a use for it in one way or another.

How To Use Your Strucket

Leave your items soaking and once ready lift your inner strucket basket to separate and drain the water away. The inner basket will rest it on the internal shelving connection points until your ready. The residual dirty water will drain away from your items into the main outer container of your Strucket. The Strucket is a world first interlocking strainer

Once your items have drained the plug system at the bottom of the Strucket is opened and the dirty unhygenic toxic mess drains into your sink.

Mini Strucket

The Mini Strucket was designed with reusable menstrual pads in mind. The Mini Strucket is smaller than the original household Strucket so ideal for smaller items. The Mini Strucket also comes with a lid to keep items out of site while they soak inside.

The Mini Strucket works just like the original Strucket and ouer plug allows the yucky water drain away without you having to put your hands in. Eco friendly and easy.