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All In One Nappies

All in one reusable nappies incorporate an absorbent inner with an attached waterproof outer layer, doing away with the need for a separate wrap. All in one (AIO) cloth nappies are very simple to use and are often available in onesize to fit most from birth to potty.

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When It's Gone It's Gone!
GroVia Organic All in One
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When It's Gone It's Gone!
Microfibre Thirsties Onesize All In One
When It's Gone It's Gone!
Bumgenius Freetime Onesize Cloth Nappy
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Little Lovebum Quickdry Day Kit V2
Thirsties Stay Dry Natural All in One

All In One Nappies

All in one nappies are ultra simple to use and incredibly convenient as the absorbency is fully built in, nothing to separate or fold and no extra parts. 

Most AIO's are one size so fit from approximately birth to potty training.  A few brands make sized AIO's mainly for newborn but these tend to work out expensive

All in ones however will offer a decreased level of containment compared to a two part system (cloth nappy and nappy cover).  Please remember that any cloth nappy will still perform better than a disposable nappy. AIO Dirty nappies are changed just like disposables. Take off the entire nappy off baby, clean little one up using wipes and put baby in a clean all in one nappy. They are perfect for childcare or the change bag.

Unless your AIO reusable nappy comes with a built in stay dry liner you will need to use nappy liners to make getting rid of poo easier and to keep baby's skin feeling dry.

An all in one nappy is normally for daytime only. While there are some super absorbent options these remain best for a daytime heavy wetter rather than night time.

Drying Time

Drying time can vary with an all in one reusable nappy.  If you need quick drying you may want to consider a pocket nappy as the inserts are always separated. AIO's are best air dried rather than tumble dried. Tumble drying over the long term can damage the waterproof outer cover. The quickest drying will be polyester or microfibre. Cotton is average drying time. Bamboo and hemp will be very slow drying.

All In One Nappy Brands

Each brand has different design features. Some like Close have a double gusset, Bambino Mio come with a pouch to stuff the inner away so it can't move.  Mother-ease and Little Lovebum have a hammock design to help with washing and drying. Rumparooz OBV is ultra super soft.


You should also bear in mind longevity of the product, all in ones are washed after every single nappy change which means they will wear faster than two part nappies.  If you are planning a second child this might not be the right product for you. as they may not last multiple babies.