The Nappy Lady Ltd

Flat Nappies & Prefolds

Prefolds and flat nappies are budget friendly options and very fast drying cloth nappies. Flats are also well worth considering if you need to top up your existing nappy system pending a new addition to the family. Prefold nappies are ideal for stuffing into pocket nappies.


Flat nappies such as muslins, birdseye and prefolds are incredibly economical, ultra fast drying cloth nappies but also a little slimmer than Terry Squares making them popular for newborns.

Flats can vary in absorbency. Many are quite low absorbency so ideal for newborns but some hemp flats offer high absorbency.

Flats are often a nappy used by young babies but some of the higher absorbency options are useful for older children stuffed into pocket nappies or covers. For night time a flat is not our usual first choice however Terry Squares are the exception and when a booster is added can be absorbent enough for night time use.

MuslinZ Nappies

MuslinZ is the best selling muslin squares brand. Muslins can be folded into shapes and nappi nippa'd or they can be used to go into pocket nappies or two part systems. Muslins come in cotton or bamboo fabrics. If you like bright colours we also stock the vibrant Bright Bots Muslins which make a fabulous rainbow.

Nappy Fastener

Flats if not folded into a pad will need to be held in place. Nappi Nippas are the easy way to hold your fold with no risk of scratching baby or yourself.

Nappy Wraps and Waterproof Covers

All flat nappies will require a wrap over the top. The wrap provides the waterproof layer. The Mother-ease airflow is the most popular cover choice.