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The Nappy Lady service offers reusable nappy kits that you can hire and rent from The Nappy Lady Cloth Nappy Library.  Cloth nappy hire kit Services are available to hire from The Nappy Lady nappy library across the UK sent to you via the post. Nappy hire kits save you the cost using newborn disposable nappies on your baby and lowers your impact on the environment.

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STAYDRY Sandy's XS Newborn Nappy Hire
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Wizard DUO XS Newborn Hire Kit
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Try Before You Buy Full Nappy Kit From £5
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Cotton Sandy's XS Newborn Nappy Hire
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Bamboozle Fitted Newborn Nappy Hire
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The Nappy Lady Ultimate 30 Day Cloth Nappy Trial Kit
Immediate Availability
The Nappy Lady Ultimate 30 Day NIGHT Nappy Trial Kit
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Beginners Group Nappy Lady Demo
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Nappy Library - Available UK Wide

The Nappy Lady cloth nappy library offers many nappy hire kits for your baby along with our famous advice and support. 

Cloth nappy libraries save you money buying lots of newborn cloth nappies or buying nappies to test.  On return of your nappy hire kit you will receive a refund of your deposit PLUS when you order and buy your next size of cloth nappies from The Nappy Lady you'll receive an additional refund making your reusable nappy library kit to only cost from £30 for 3 months. See full terms and conditions on the product page.

Reusable Nappy Hire Kits To Rent

Our newborn cloth nappy hire kits are for up to 3 months and fit until baby is 12lbs. When you use our nappy library services The Nappy Lady advisors are on hand to support you throughout your whole cloth nappy hire period and you can contact them to answer all your questions.  Your nappy advisor will offer you all the advice and support you could ever need to make using your reusable nappies successful.

The Nappy Library also offers 30 day hire birth to potty kits for an older child or children. The nappy hire kit contains you all the best selling cloth nappies from every brand you can think of.  You can try just the cloth nappies you want or every single washable nappy in the nappy kit! Whatever nappy you would like is bound to be in the kit. See full product description for the terms and conditions, no hidden costs in our hire kits.

Nappy Library Has Over 100 Library Hire Kits!

The Nappy Lady cloth nappy library holds over 100 kits and usually has them available whenever you would like them.  We often have nappy rental kits available for immediate hire if baby arrives early.  See each product page for availability.

Parents are often concerned about nappy rash but it has been proven that cloth nappies do not cause more nappy rash than disposable nappies.  Hire nappies from our cloth nappy libraries range and see for yourself

Washable wipes are not included in the nappy rental kits however we sell many of them in our store, visit our reusable wipes categories for more details.

Impartial Advice From The Nappy Lady

The Nappy Lady offers impartial advice on the best reusable nappies for you and your baby. Use the free Nappy Lady advice support service through our nappy questionnaire and your nappy advisor will be in contact with your full personal recommendation on what is the best nappy library kit for you and the best birth to potty nappies for your circumstances. The Nappy Lady has been offering advice and support to families for over 23 years and has helped many thousands of babies avoid the use of disposable nappies.  The Nappy Lady is the leading UK nappy expert and nappy services provider.

At The Nappy Lady UK we don't stock any brand we wouldn't use on our own families. We post across the country and internationally so don't worry if you are not local to us our our library.

The Nappy Lady will help you and your baby successfully use reusable nappies and avoid disposables.

Make sure you join The Nappy Lady's Facebook page to see regular advice articles and tips.  Also make sure you join our Facebook group, the most supportive parenting group on Facebook and social media. We also have a Facebook selling page where we sell exhire nappies. Whether you use reusable nappies or not the group offers you a world of parenting support.

Nappy library kits are excluded from discount codes.

Buying Your Own Nappies

If you'd prefer to buy your own reusable nappies we sell all reusable nappies individually.

Do you really save money using reusable nappies?

Read the article we wrote comparing the cost of disposables and reusable nappies for the BBC podcast better than sliced bread.