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Tots Bots is the best known and biggest UK manufacturer of reusable nappies. TotsBots best selling nappy the Bamboozle will give your baby dry days and leak free nights. Totsbots make a wide variety of reusable nappies, accessories and menstrual products all made in their factory in Scotland.

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Bamboozle Fitted Newborn Nappy Hire

Tots Bots Ltd


Tots Bots & The Nappy Lady - Old Friends

Tots Bots &The Nappy Lady have worked together since the VERY beginning. The Nappy Lady placed the VERY first order with TotsBots back in 2000.

Tots Bots reusable nappies were created by husband and wife team Fiona and Magnus Smyth. Tots Bots has grown substantially since these early days and now employs 63 people all still led by Fiona and Magnus.

Made in Scotland

All TotsBots products including their reusable nappies, nappy wraps, cloth boosters, baby carriers, changing mat, and mentrual sanitary wear products are made in Scotland in their own factory.

Hero Nappy
The Hero Nappy is the ultra versatile all in one nappy system. Match the absorbency to exactly what your baby needs!

Special Offers

Look out for special offers with our Tots Bots Sale. Their ready made bundles are fabulous value and give you all the key parts to get you started on your cloth journey. Checkout the Tots Bots range and place an order today. With The Nappy Lady™ speedy delivery you'll soon be cloth nappying.

Tots Bots not only make brilliant nappies but also make wonderful complimentary and matching nappy accessories. Check out their famous Happy Mat change mat, wet bags and wipes.