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Fitted / Shaped Nappies

Fitted nappies and shaped nappies are incredibly easy to use nappy systems. Fitted nappies offer you the highest containment and absorbency. Available in many different fabrics and size options.

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Fitted Nappies

Fitted nappies and need a separate wrap over the top. Fitted nappies form part of the two part nappy system (reusable nappy plus separate nappy wrap). Fitted nappies are not to be confused with preflat or flat nappies. What makes a fitted nappy or shaped nappy is that the nappy shape is formed using elasticated legs and waist.

Best Selling Fitted Nappy Systems

Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch is our best selling bamboo fitted nappy. The Bamboozle is exceptional quality and made in Scotland. Little Lamb are a similar economy version and are available in bamboo or cotton.  Petit Lulu make our best selling night time organic fitted nappy option available in gorgeous prints.


Fitted Sized Nappies

Fitted nappies either come in size options which are are amongst the easiest to use, and are a particularly good option if your baby is going to be at nursery under 6 months old. Using a smaller size of nappy for the first few months means you will always get a nice neat fit, and excellent containment. For a more cost effective system then use a one size or birth to potty fitted nappy.


When you change a fitted nappy you change the whole nappy but reuse the outer waterproof wrap or cover. Mother-ease, Little Lambs and Kangacare are some of our most popular PUL wraps.  Wool wraps are also very popular over fitted nappies especially for night time.

Nappy Fastenings

Fitted nappies come in either popper, hook and loop (Velcro) or nappi nippa fastenings.

Shaped nappies

Shaped nappies are another name for fitted nappies and means the same thing. Shaped nappies is a more traditional name.

Shaped nappies give the best containment and are ideal for heavy wetters. Shaped nappies by their design are highly absorbent, hemp is especially high absorbency but because the waterproof wrap is entirely separate there is plenty of room for additional boosters to be added for even the heaviest of wetters.

We sell fitted nappies individually but also in kits bundles for quick budget friendly purchases plus kits especially for night times.