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Pocket Nappies

Pocket nappies consist of a waterproof outer and a fleece inner. There's an opening along the back of the cloth nappy through which you can insert as much (or as little) absorbency as you require. Reusable pocket nappies are very simple to use, and usually very quick drying. Pocket nappy inserts come in a variety of fabric options.

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Pocket Nappies

A pocket nappy once made up is a one piece nappy system so very similar to using a disposable nappy or an all in one cloth nappy.  A pocket nappy is made up of a reusable nappy outer layer and absorbent pad or inserts that you stuff into the pocket or pouch. They are a very popular style of modern reusable nappy. They usually come in one size that fit until potty training.

Pocket nappies are normally quicker drying than all in ones as the inserts can be taken out. If drying speed is a concern for you a microfibre pocket nappy is an excellent choice.

The pocket or pouch is formed by having a layer of fleece or other staydry material sewn inside the waterproof cover with an opening either end of the cover.  The fleece lining helps to keep baby's skin dry. Because of the staydry lining you do not have to use separate nappy liners however you can add a disposable paper nappy liner inside if you prefer.

Many brands of pocket nappies also build in a double gusset to help increase containment of the nappy system.

Some pocket nappies are sold with the absorbent pad or absorbent inserts included in the purchase price and some brands sell just as a pocket. Check the product description to see how your preferred brand are sold. 

Boosting a Pocket Nappy

If your child is going through a heavier wetting stage you can add an extra booster into the pocket however please be aware that you should only be looking to add one or two additional boosters. It is possible to over stuff a pocket nappy which can compromise the fit and lead to leaks. Please check with The NappyLady if you are unsure on how to boost your nappy.

Please be aware pocket nappies are not really designed as a night time system. For night time you are better with two part system of cloth nappies.

Washing A Pocket Nappy

When you take off a soiled pocket nappy you take out the inserts from the pocket or pouch so that the pocket nappy inserts and waterproof outer can both thoroughly wash.  If you leave the inserts inside the waterproof outer pocket they won't get thoroughly washed as washing water can not flow through the nappy.

Using Pocket Nappies On More Than One Child

Pocket nappies get a lot of wear and tear so you must consider their longevity. Pocket nappies are washed after every use so the waterproof cover will undergo more washing than a two part system. Pocket nappies are unlikely to last more than one child so if you are planning more children they might not be the right nappy for you. They don't provide the same level of containment or absorbency as a two part system however they are very quick and simple to use and are ideal for childcare or the change bag.

Pocket Nappy Brands

Little Lovebum Popper and pocket is a very popular one size style of modern cloth nappies. The stretchy tabs on the Popper and Pocket ensures you get a really snug perfect fit on your baby. The nappy does not come with inserts so you can choose to reuse inserts and adapt your absorbency exactly as your baby needs. Maybe you only need a light absorbency or if you have a heavy wetter you can choose to add in a bulkier but super absorbent insert. Poppets Baby Pocket Nappy comes with a fishtail insert that gives you lots of absorbency combinations.