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Natural nappies

Natural Fibre Reusable Nappy Options

Sometimes only the softest, most comfortable, organic cotton or natural nappies will do for use next to babies skin. In recognising this The Nappy Lady brings you our selection of cloth nappies made from only natural materials. We have a full range of sizes in natural fabrics from newborn babies nappies such as the Little Lovebum Newbie Baby Size to large toddler nappies such as the Motherease Toddlease.

Remember natural fabric nappies need to be washed before first use to increase their absorbency.

It's important to wash dirty nappies every two days, natural fibres are more delicate so it's best not to leave natural fabrics reusable nappies too long before washing.

Fitted Nappies

Fitted cloth nappies are not only super soft but are the most popular night time nappy due to their high absorbency.  Favourite nappies for night time choices are the Hemp nappy Nox which is our best selling night time option, it's not only great quality but also natural and super absorbent. Also the Little Lambs Bamboo fitteds and the Tots Bots Bamboozle reusable nappy. Consider our night time trial pack of nappies so you can compare all of the choices.

Organic Cotton

The only nappy which is made entirely of organic cotton is the Popolini Two Soft. The natural fabrics fibre loops as well as the weave of this nappy are entirely made of organic cotton. Many other brands of organic cotton reusable nappies the weave would contain a small component of polyester. It must be noted that the polyester does give stretch to the nappy and gives it longevity and is never in direct contact with baby's skin. A reusable nappy which is only organic cotton will be expected to wear faster.

Terry Nappies

Terries are the original reusable nappies but now come not only in cotton but also in a bamboo cotton blend. The bamboo fibre gives you incredible softness but the cotton gives the strength for Nappi Nippa fastening. As Terry Squares open out and are flat nappies they are quick drying as well as birth to potty.

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