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Nappy Wet Bags

Reusable nappy wet bags are perfect for storing soiled nappies when out and about. Wet nappy bags come in a variety of sizes from just a couple of cloth nappies to an extra large nappy wet bag ideal for a weekend. A wet nappy bag is also perfect for going swimming or storing wet clothes. For nursery try a nappy pod bag which is perfect for keeping your clean dry nappies safe ready for use.

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Reusable Wet Nappy Bags

A waterproof wetbag is used for storing dirty nappies and avoids the use of disposable plastic nappy bags. They are easy and convenient to use and great for a variety of uses. Every family with kids needs a wet bag.

At home most families store their dirty nappies in nappy buckets however if you don't have room for one an XL wateproof wetbag is perfect to hang off a hook in the bathroom.

Wet Nappy Bag for Out and About

When out and about many families like to carry a double pocket reusable nappy bag with them. These are handy and give you one pocket for clean items and one waterproof pocket for dirty nappies. Many Bags come with a matching change mat option too.

Nappy Bag Sizes

Small waterproof bags can be used to store reusable wipes either dry or damp. If you keep your wipes damp then the best bags are the ones with a roll top instead of a zip as zips can pick up moisture as a zip can't be waterproof.

Wetbags come in a variety of lovely patterns and colours. They also come in different sizes whatever size you need for your changing bag or how many cloth nappies you need to hold for trips out or the childminder. Many bags come with hanging straps that can be altered to fit on your buggy handle. Bags are available across the price range. From budget friendly to luxury bags.

Large nappy sacks and pail liners also available.

Washing Wetbags / Hanging Wet Bags / Nappy Storage

A wet bag is perfect nappy storage in the house until it's wash day for those with a small bathroom they are a game changer! Then just tip into the nappies out of the bag into the washing machine and add the bag to the wash. The bag can be washed with your nappies. At home an XL bag can be used to store soiled nappies instead of in buckets. Wetbags dry quickly so no need to tumbledry. Wet bags are helpful for every situation, nappies, great for storing swimwear and any a million other things!

If you prefer to use a traditional bucket and mesh bag these are found in their own shopping sections.

Wet Bag Brands

Shop our extensive range of stylish wetbags at The Nappy Lady including our leading brands: Tots Bots, Bambino Mio, Little Lovebum. Look out for special offers saving you money on the regular price