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Nappi Nippas

Nappi Nippas are such an amazing invention, removing the need for traditional nappy pins and worries of scratching your baby when using a reusable nappy!

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Nappi Nippas

Nappi NIppas have been the leading brand of nappy fasteners for over 20 years. The Nappy Lady Team LOVES Nippas or Snappis as their official brand name. They are reliable, durable and ultra simple to use, don't fall for cheap copies.

Nappi Nippas have removed the fear of using flat nappies that comes with safety pins.  Nappi Nippas have made safety pins a thing of the past! Nappy fastening with a Nappi Nippa becomes a one handed task you can do with your eyes closed.

Can also be used to fasten shaped nappies such as the Bumble or a fasten free nappy.