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Potty Training

When you are ready to start potty training The Nappy Lady has a large variety of products to help your little one on their toilet training journey. Reusable potty training pants are very popular as they help the potty trainer to feel wet which can help speed up toilet training.Don't know where to start? Read our potty training guide to the best training pants.

Is your Little One Ready For Potty Training?

Take the stress out of potty training with The Nappy Lady. Our potty training products and potty training tips will help you once little one is ready to potty train.

Signs they are ready

There are a number of signs that your child is starting to develop bladder control. They might let you know they have a wet, soiled or dirty nappy. They might let you know as they start going for a wee or you might find that the gap between wet nappies is increasing. If there is a gap of at least an hour between wetting (if it's less, potty training may fail or be very very hard.

You child might already be interested when you go to the toilet or watching older siblings on the potty or toilet.

How long does the process take?

How long it takes to toilet train can vary as each child learns at a different speed.

When you start training it can be a gradual process. You may find you fly through and you're done in a few days, a few weeks or even months. Night Time training can be significantly later after day training for some children so it's best to be prepared and investing in reusable products makes a sensible economic investment.

Potty training with a disabled child or with an illness or disability may find it more difficult to learn to use a potty or toilet. My eldest had to have an operation in the middle of our training journey and this did set us back by several months. Be patient and go at their speed

Resistant Child

If your child resists using the potty or toilet or isn't getting the hang of it within a few weeks time, take a break and re start potty training again in the future.

Summer is a popular time as you can let little ones run around the garden naked and I often find naked potty training really helps the process along for reluctant trainers. 

One of mine could get wees in the potty or toilet but bowel control was an issue. In the end I bought a set of Thomas books they loved and when they did a poo in their big boy pants i tipped it into the potty. I then made a big fun game and celebration of poo was in the potty. Gave him a book, read it to him and tried to make poo in the potty (however it got there) a positive reinforcement. I'm pleased to say within 3 days they were using the potty for poos and very happy with every new book each time.

Stay calm, don't lose hope they will all eventually be toilet trained so don't worry about keeping up with friends. Who trains first really isn't a big deal, they will stop wearing nappies when the child is ready.

Mine are all teenagers now and the one who trained the earliest and quickest is definitely the grungiest teenager! Let the child learn at their own pace.

If you have any concerns of course contact your health visitor.


Pants to Start Potty Training

You'll find the best potty training pants at The Nappy Lady, no need for disposable pull ups and avoids wet underwear. Our training pants support your child's journey from nappies to undies

When your child is ready to potty train there is a wide variety of reusable training pants available from young toddlers who have just started potty training up to bid kids or teenagers who still wet the bed at night.

Cloth pants have a hidden water resistant layer, stretchy waistband, they come with an inner pad offering a variety of absorbencies. Reusable nappy pants are much better to potty train with as the child's skin will feel wet which helps the toilet training learning curve to becoming dry.

Reusable training pants lead to potty training success.

Starting Potty Training - Things You Need

  • When you're ready to potty train first buy some new pants today and help minimise the distress of potty training accidents.

Absorbent training pants mimic normal underwear so you'll soon have a potty trained little one and no need for disposable potty training pants.

The Nappy Lady stocks training pants for boys but also girls design pants too. Many items are available in unisex colours and prints.

  • Then next think about your potty. Do you want the same potty in and out the house? If so the My Carry Potty is perfect. If you'd prefer a more adaptive product looks at the Bumbo system which is a potty that turns into a toilet seat and a step.
  • Finally don't forget about bed protectors to protect the child's mattress, duvet protectors and chair protectors! These will save you a lot of stress, washing and deep cleaning of furniture.
  • For more potty training tips try the Potty Training Guide Book by Amanda Jenner also stocked on The Nappy Lady site.

Then you're good to go to introduce the potty or toilet.

How many pairs of pants do I need?

How many trainer pants you need varies depending on the age of your child and where they are on their toilet training journey. Some families only need a couple of pairs for when inevitable accidents happen while others need ten pairs as little one has an accident every time. Consider how many accidents your child is having each day and go for that amount. it's always wise to have a few spare pairs too.

Reusable Training Pants Girl , Boy & Unisex

There is little difference between training pants for girls or boys.  For some such as the Bamboolik trainer pants you could move the absorbency or fold it more towards the front for a boy but otherwise for most others there isn't a way to position the absorbency. Bamboolik are ideal for the first few days when little one is likely to be quite unreliable and have regular little accidents.  We sell training pants in traditional gender girl and boy colours but we also stock many unisex prints. We have training pants and training panties for everyone.

Bright Bots Reusable Training Pants

Bright Bots super soft reusable training pants have an underwear like fit and are ideal for those reliably potty trained and just need a training pants or potty training knickers as back up for little accidents.

Bright bots are your big kid underwear, ideal for little ones who can use the potty.   Bright Bots reusable training pants have a concealed water resistant layer and offer a snug fit. The absorbent layers catch small accidents and save you a few puddles!

For higher absorbency training pants consider other potty training pants such as the Bamboolik cloth training pants. 

Night Time Potty Training Plan

If night time is where your toddler is stuck consider our range of night time training nappies such as the Kijani night time pants. Reusable training pants with pull up with stretchy sides making it easy for little hands to pull pants up but can also be opened up for easy changing.

For lighter wetters Motherease the pull up big kid pants. These are fabulous with full waterproof outer layer. They come in different sizes but most children will only need one size until they are dry.

For highest absorbency for your child the Motherease Bedwetters. Unbeatable for generations!

Pull up style nappies makes for easy access when it's time to use the potty available in various size options.

Sizes available for toddler training pants up to older children washable training pants.


The Nappy Lady stocks a great varity of potties. Portable pottys aka travel potty or a potty for home. The Bumbo is a an ultra comfortable potty chair keeping little one comfy while they sit on the potty.

My Carry Potty

We not only stock the travel potty by My Carry Potty but also the matching potty seat and step stool. All available in matching colours which helps the learning process while they gain their bladder control.

Bed Protectors

When you start potty training it's also important you protect your mattress. One of our most popular bed protectors for at home or holidays is the Hippychick fitted cotton mattress protectors.