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A nappy bucket or nappy bin is for storing dirty reusable nappies until wash day. A lidded bucket will keep any smells in and keep your bathroom smelling fresh. We also stock laundry mesh bags to sit inside the nappy bin avoiding the need for disposable nappy bags. 

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Nappy Bucket

Nappy Buckets & Nappy Bins

A nappy bucket or nappy bins are used to store soiled nappies until you are ready to do your laundry. It is sometimes called a nappy pail.

When you use cloth nappies you need somewhere to store dirty nappies until you are ready to wash them. A Nappy Bucket or nappy bins are the traditional storage method.

No Soaking With Reusable Nappies

No need to have soaked your nappies any more in nappisan or  leave them soaking in bleach we now use a method called dry pailing. More information can be found in our bucket guide

Disposing of your baby's nappies can be a horrible part of parenting, so here at The Nappy Lady we aim to make things slightly easier by providing a great range of nappy buckets, nappy bins, nappy pails and laundry mesh bags.

Best Nappy Bins

We stock the best nappy bins, nappy pail & nappy buckets all available in larger sizes than the tiny buckets you find on the high street. Our nappy buckets hold enough nappies for daily to alternate daily washing depending on the style of nappy used. Discover our range today and checkout your nappy bin.

Some customers ask if the bin they have from when they used disposable nappies can be used for reusable ones.  You can't individually wrap reusable nappies into the nappy sacks or plastic sausages as you do with disposable used nappies but depending on the nappy bins shape you might be able too but in our experience they are too narrow and deep to be easy to use long term.

Read our full article on how to use a nappy bin.

Nappy Bins With Lock

The Tots Bots Nappy Bins have four clips so you an lock the nappy bucket (nappy bins) to stop little fingers investigation what is inside.

Storing Used Nappies

All the reusable nappies can be stored together along with any reusable wipes, baby nappy wraps or a reusable liner in the same nappy bins. No need to separate wet nappies and pooey soiled nappies they can be stored in the same bucket.

We stock lidded buckets, the fitted lid is to keep odours inside. Some people add a couple of drops of tea tree oil onto the inside of the lid to give a clean smell when they open the bucket. This isn't essential but is a nice to do if you want too.

Laundry Mesh Bag

Inside your nappy bucket it is best to use a laundry mesh bag. With the mesh bag inside the bucket the nappies are stored inside this bag.

Once you have a full load of cloth nappies on wash day lift the bucket by the carry handle and take it to the machine. Then lift the mesh out and empty into the washing machine. The mesh bag makes getting the nappies out of the bucket and into the washing machine much quicker, cleaner and quite simply nicer. Our laundry mesh bags are made by Tots Bots and Little Lamb.

Bucket Is For Life

A reusable nappy bucket is a great product and is so durable it has many uses once it's not longer used for nappies. It will be with your family for years!

I speak from experience when I say they make the best "sick" buckets, as well as for cleaning the floor, washing the car and any other thing you can think of. Nappy buckets are easy to clean so can be used for everything.  A bucket is for life not just baby till potty training!

Nappy Bucket or hanging nappy pail?

A nappy bucket is the more traditional and popular choice of the nappy storage options.

A hanging nappy pail can be hung up somewhere out of the way, perhaps in your bathroom. A hanging nappy pail is convenient if you struggle to have the storage room for a bucket. The downside to hanging nappy bag is that the waterproof layer will eventually wear out and the bag will need replacing whereas a nappy bucket will go on forever unless it gets physically broken.

Wet Nappy Bags

When you go out and about there won't be room in your changing bag for a nappy bucket!  We stock smaller nappy wet bags for day trips out and childcare. We also stock a range of waterproof nappy bags and Nappy Pods for going out and about in our wet nappy bag section

Disposable Nappy Bins

The Nappy Bins we sell are designed for baby reusable nappies however in theory you could use them for disposable nappies too as somewhere to store them until you  take them to the outside bin. Often parents individually wrap each disposable nappy in a plastic sack. You do not individually wrap reusable nappies avoiding this additional plastic.