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Bumgenius are amazing reusable nappies that have changed cloth nappy design forever! Bumgenius patented designs have exclusive features that will give you the most versatile fit.
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Bumgenius Nappies

Bumgenius are made with the highest quality fabrics in a variety of colours, ethically made and long lasting. There is a Bumgenius nappy suitable for every baby shape and priority. Bumgenius are not the cheapest cloth nappies but definitely one of the very best!  Bumgenius goal to eliminate the need for "disposable diapers" entirely from newborn babies up to an older child.

Bumgenius one-size nappies are designed to fit most babies weighing between 8 and 35 pounds. Bumgenius nappies come in popper (snap fastening) for the most snug secure fit.

The Bumgenius newborn all in one is designed if you want a very trim fit right from birth on your newborn baby.

Nappy rash will not increase with real nappy usage, and you can use most nappy rash cream on your nappies as long as they do not contain zinc oxide, and use paper liners to protect the fabric from the cream.

Bumgenius Nappy Range

The original pocket nappy with stretchy tabs is called the V5 and is fast drying with polyester inserts.

The Bumgenius Elemental is a super absorbent organic cotton all in one, the soft semi attached inserts dry faster and allow for customised absorbency. The Bumgenius elementals are one of the most absorbent all in one nappies on the market. The average wetter can also use a Bum genius elemental as a night time nappy.

Freetime is a quick drying all in one. The Freetime has 2 inserts sewn one at each end and can be folded if needed.

Flip is the flat nappy insert range, the insert is placed in the wrap or used as stuffing for pocket nappies.

Bumgenius Nappies UK

The Nappy Lady is an official approved Bumgenius UK stockist of all Bum genius products.  We also stock the hemp babies range of nappy boosters and wet bag. Bumgenius have also started to make a range of bigger nappies for older children.


Bumgenius have gentle leg elastic to contain mess inside the nappy where you want it. 3x3 snap down design to alter the length, trim, snug and comfortable stretchy tabs. Adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes

Care Instructions

Rinse first then wash between 40-60deg, fasten hook tabs to laundry tabs if applicable, line dry, no fabric softeners.