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Ella's House

Ellas House make a superb hemp booster called the Bum Booster for use in cloth nappies. Ellas House used to make the night nappy the Bumhugger but these have sadly ceased production.

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Hemp BUM BOOSTER by Ella's House/Terra Gaia

Ellas House

Ellas House are a small cloth nappy company in Czech Republic that make cloth nappies and products with incredible absorbency. The Nappy Lady has worked with them for many years stocking a wide range of their products.

Sadly Ellas House brand went into administration during covid but has been bought out by the Terra Gaia brand who have continued to make the Bum Booster for us but unfortunately the fitted nappy the Bumhugger has ceased production at this time and we have sold through all our reserve stock.

Ella's House Bum Booster / Terra Gaia Bum Booster

Ella's House Bum booster is the most popular nappy booster on the market. Liquid soaks into the natural fibres and gives any cloth nappy an absorbency boost. The Bum Booster is incredibly popular so we always try to keep excellent stock levels.

The booster will help you deal with any leaks you might be getting. We recommend everybody has some booster as it's better to prevent leaks from happening in the first place.

Which nappies does the Bum Booster fit in?

The Ella's House Bum Booster is mainly used in a fitted nappy such as the Bamboozle for night time extra absorbency however it can be used in any nappy really. Night time nappies usually have room for two boosters and would be enough for heavy wetters. The Bum Booster is slim enough to fit into all in one nappies or pocket nappies if you wanted to boost for a heavy wetter.

You can position your booster in a number of ways. Either laying it flat or for a boy folded towards the front or a girl folded towards the back. You can position the booster exactly where your individual baby needs the additional absorbent layer.

Ellas House Fabric

The Ella's House or now Terra Gaia's range of products are made of a beautifully soft hemp cotton fleece fabric which is gentle on baby's skin.

You must wash brand new boosters in a prewash at least 4 times before first use as hemp fabric holds many natural oils. The fabric will reach it's full absorbency by ten washes. The fabric will lose it's softness with washing but this is as it loses it's oil. In hard water hemp fabric can go really hard and stiff but then it's really ultra absorbent too. It is always best to air dry but the drying time of hemp is long so you can tumble dry on low.

The hemp fabric offers only additional absorbency and does not keep baby feeling dry so you can add a fleece liner to your nappy to provide the stay dry layer.

Ella's House Other Products

Ellas House / Terra Gaia also make a fabulous range of cloth sanitary pads (CSP) and breast pads.