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Nappy wraps and nappy covers are for using over the top of two part reusable nappies. Waterproof nappy covers come in a variety of sizes. The best selling nappy wraps in the UK are the Motherease Airflow covers which are suitable over all fitted nappies and for use over terry nappies.

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Nappy Covers Page

Welcome to our page with all the very best nappy covers for cloth nappies, Nappy Lady holds the largest range of nappy covers. They are sometimes called covers and other times nappy wraps or wraps but they mean the same thing. A cover is a key layer of a two part nappy system and provides the waterproofing for the absorbent cloth nappy underneath. Wraps come in either Velcro which is sometimes called hook and loop or in poppers. Poppers tend to be the most popular as they are the longest lasting.

Sized or one size?

A waterproof nappy cover comes come in either sizes so as baby grows they move into a bigger wrap or one size whereby the wrap is altered using poppers so it grows along with baby. Sized wraps give you the best fit at every stage but one size are cheaper, great value and more economical. Rumparooz by Kangacare are our best selling one size wrap and are available in poppers or Velcro but for larger children consider the Petite Crown Catcher or Close Parent.

Newborn Cover

A newborn nappy wrap is the smallest sizes available and are designed just for the early days over very tiny newborn cloth nappies. Our best selling newborn covers are of course the Airflow and Rikki but also the Rumparooz Newborn, Petite Crown Keeper Newborns. These provide a very trim fit over newborn cloth nappies.


Mother-ease make the best selling Airflow wrap which has been their best seller for over 30 years. The Airflow can be used over almost any cloth nappies. They are excellent quality and ultra reliable. If you prefer Velcro fastening try the sister wrap the Rikki. The Nappy Lady stocks the full range of motherease nappy wraps.