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Terry Nappies & Terry Squares

Terry nappies are some of the most economical and fastest drying cloth nappies. Terry squares and flat nappies are also well worth considering if you need to top up your existing nappy system pending a new addition to the family. Terrys are an incredibly versatile cloth nappy system.


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Terry Square Nappies

Terry squares are a reliable economical cloth nappy and far more reliable and absorbent than prefolds which are a less versatile American version. Terrys are an incredibly versatile cloth nappy system. They are often called flat nappies, flats, a flat nappy, terries, terry towelling or terry towelling nappies, terry squares. Bright Bots flat nappies are the best sellers and are available in a pack of white or in the bright colour range by Bright Bots.

Cotton Terry Squares are suprisingly easy to use once you have tried a couple of our recommended different folds (most of us manage table napkins after all), and don't worry about nappy pins - all you need to fasten them is a Nappi Nippa.

Terry cloth nappies are generally a bulky nappy compared to many modern reusable nappies however they wills save you money as they are also a fraction of the price and more economical.

Visit our how to use terry nappies and our  terry square folding advice guides for diagrams on the different folds available.

Terry Folds

Depending on the fold you use, the absorbency can be positioned at different points in the nappy for baby so the nappy isn't too bulky. This is why terries suit every baby.The Jo Fold is the most popular for newborns as it puts thick high absorbency centrally between the baby's legs. The most basic fold is pad folded but this offers low containment and is more likely to give you poo leaks. The Gaynor Fold for girls positions the fabric in the perfect position for girls. For a large toddler try the Kite Fold which is the biggest fold. Most of our terrys are one size which are altered to fit birth to potty by changing to a different fold.

We have full details, videos to watch and instructions on how to fold on the website, you'll soon be terry experts and washable nappy gurus.

Terry Squares One Size - Birth To Potty

Cotton Terry squares are so versatile they fit baby from newborn to potty training. Most toddlers fit into the 60cm terry squares until potty training. However we also sell 70cm toddler size for large or older children and can be adult size if pad folded.

We sell terry squares singly or alternatively in a pack of 12 nappies.

Terry Towelling Nappies

Terry towelling nappies are traditionally made from loopy cotton fabric, similar to bath towels.

The best sellers are the traditional white cotton made by white bots. White bots are superior quality to those thin cotton terry squares you will find on the high street and much the same as the coveted Harrington Golds of previous generations. If however if you like colours Bright Bots also make beautifully colourful cotton Terrys however remember they will be covered up by a waterproof wrap. Bright Bots are available in a pack of boy, girl and unisex colours.

Bamboo Terry Squares

Terry squares alternatively also come in bamboo fabric however bamboo is far more delicate and doesn't withstand nappi nippas as well long term. Bamboo is sold singly or in a pack. Bamboo squares are made by the same company that makes Bright Bots.

You'll adore our range of terrys as the quality is far superior to those found on the high street.  We work with suppliers to ensure the quality of our terry squares are the same as the previous generations of baby wore and not the poor thin less absorbent ones available in supermarkets.

A Terry square cloth nappy in bamboo or cotton is also suitable and reliable for use at night time. Night time nappies are generally more expensive so terries make an economical choice.  I would expect you to boost with an additional nappy booster for night time wear period.

Waterproof Wrap Needed

Over the top of the Terry Square cloth nappy you will need to put a waterproof wrap or cover. These were traditionally plastic pants which were sweaty on babies but thankfully a modern waterproof elsatic nappy cover is far superior, softer and fully breathable. The best wraps are the Mother-ease airflow wraps. The wraps will be washed at the same time as the terrys.

Liners For Terries

There is no staydry liner or built in fleece liners with this style of reusable nappies. Instead you can use a separate loose fleece liners or a disposable paper liner. Reusable liners can be washed with the nappies at the same time. Nappy liners will make getting rid of poo simple.

Washing Terry Squares

Terry squares are pretty indestructable washable nappies as they are simply just cloth and no elastic. We even have customers who have to hand wash them in rivers in some parts of the world. The traditional method was boil washing them after all! Now adays just throw them in the washing machine up to 60deg. They will withstand a boil wash but they really don't need too.

You can even bleach them but again they don't need it. Remember never to use any fabric conditioner in the wash as this slows the rate of absorption.

Terry nappies can be tumble dried if required but as they are a flat nappy they air dry super fast.

Last For Years & Years

Terrys and flats you'll find go on and on for years. You may even find your parents or grandparents have some somewhere in their homes years after their babies no longer needed them.

Many get down graded to cleaning cloths once their children no longer need nappies. Some really good quality large ones could even be hand towels. Some people mention using them as burp cloths but they aren't really suitable for this. Instead use muslins which are perfect for burp cloths as they are a much thinner fabric. Using a terry square will save nappy waste and cleaning cloth waste!



Terrys or any type of flats are reliable but not ideal for those who will be using childcare within the first two years as at nappy change time the caregiver needs to understand how to fold the cloth nappy or use a nappi nippa.

The Nappy Lady has been selling terry squares since the very beginning and always keeps excellent stock levels. Start shopping and add Terry Squares to your shopping basket today.

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