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The Nappy Lady stocks a wide variety of nappy liners for reusable cloth nappies.  You have the option of disposable nappy liners or reusable nappy liners. Disposable liners give you a quicker more convenient nappy change whereas reusable fleece nappy liners keep baby feeling drier.

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Mother-ease Bamboo Disposable Nappy Liner
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Nappy Liners

A Nappy liner is to catch solids but also help protect a newborn delicate skin from the wet nappy and therefore helps to prevent nappy rash. Nappy liners are suitable for all skin types and do not contain any nasty chemicals. They are key accessories for using reusable nappies.

Nappy Liners can be used in all nappies and make reusable nappies just as easy a disposable nappy. Read our article do I need to use nappy liners in reusable nappies?

Paper Nappy Liners

Paper nappy liners are disposable and make reusable nappy changing easy and fuss free. You just take the soiled nappy liner and either compost if wet only or dispose of if a poo nappy. A paper nappy liner should no longer be flushed down the toilet but instead put in the bin.

Paper nappy liners come in a handy roll and each nappy liner is separated by a perforated edge. A nappy liner is soft and strong.  Paper liners are compostable helping preserve the environment.

The Bambinex disposable nappy liners are suitable from birth due to their thicker consistency. Other disposable nappy liners are thinner and suitable for weaned babies. Paper liners make your rwashable nappy as convenient as a disposable nappy.

Fleece Liners - Reusable

Fleece nappy liners are reusable, wash and reuse. Fleece also helps to keep baby's bum dry as they draw moisture away from the skin. Baby will be drier with a fleece nappy liner compared to a disposable paper liner. Flush solids down the toilet before washing the fleece.

A fleece nappy liner is often called a stay dry layer. The soft Motherease staydry boosters and Bambino Mio boosters have the stay dry liner built into the booster to save you putting two separate parts into your nappy. Fleece liners also help reduce soiling and staining of the nappy underneath. Fleece liners you will wash with your nappies.

Nappy liners are vegan friendly.

Nappy Liner Brands

We sell a large range of many brands of nappy liners. Bambinex are our best sellers which are designed to fit even the slimmest of all in one nappies. Tots Bots spunlace, Bambino Mio supersoft and messless liners, Little Lamb and Mother-ease bamboo liners are also incredibly popular.

The nappy liner size varies by brand. Refer to product information for exact measurements. If you're not sure which is best for you then try our sample kit, our customers love being able to try different types before purchasing and committing to an entire roll.

Nappy Rash & Nappy Liners

If your baby is struggling with nappy rash make sure you read our guide to nappy rash by Dr Kiran Rahim.