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Night Time Nappies

We have a great variety of reusable night nappies suitable for night time. The Nappy Lady stocks the very best reusable nappies for night time and heavy wetters. Night time nappies come in a variety of sizes from young babies to toddlers to older children. Night time cloth nappies are usually made of highly absorbent natural fabrics to give you a longer wear time and a dry bed.

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Night Time Cloth Nappies

We have many families who swap away from disposable nappies to an eco friendly reusable nappy for night time as cloth nappies are far more reliable and absorbent. There is no limit to how much absorbency you can place in a two part nappy system. A comfortable, super absorbent cloth nappy will make such a enormous difference to get you a peaceful night's sleep if you are getting leaks with disposables. No more babies outfits or bedding getting ruined by night time leaks.

Why are two part nappies best for night time?

There is no limit to how much absorbency you can add in to your two part overnight nappies. You can place one nappy booster inside the fitted nappy and then unlimited boosters between the nappy and nappy pants wrap. The best nappy pants are the Mother-ease Airflow as the puffy fit gives you room for boosters without compromising the fit. Read our article on the best nappies for night time.

All in ones

So many nappies are just for daytime such as all in ones or pocket nappies. These make brilliant nappies for the day but there is just not enough room in them for heavy wetters boosters to use this type of reusable nappies overnight.

Older Children

For older children look at the Mother-ease Bedwetter pants. These absorbent pants are pull ups and give ultra high absorbency for a heavy wetting night time child, they are our most absorbent pants for night time. For lighter wetters consider the Kijani night time pull ups which come in a variety of sizes and go on with just one pull.

Night Time Reusable Nappies Trial

If you're not sure what level of absorbency your child needs for nighttime nappies and don't want to go to the expensve of buying multiple brands then try our night time trial kit

Bedding Protectors

For night time don't forget to protect your mattress and bedding. We sell a wide range of protectors from fitting cotton protectors to loose flat protectors.