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Petite Crown

Petite Crown make beautiful luxurious premium quality nappies in a wide range of styles. Petite Crown also make nappies across the range of sizes with newborn options, One Size and for larger toddlers. Whatever you require you'll find it in the Petite Crown range.
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Trima Onesize All In One Nappy by Petite Crown
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Petite Crown Swim Nappy

Petite Crown

Petite Crown cloth nappies are designed in the USA and are one of the newer very popular "cloth diaper" brands taking the USA by storm. The Nappy Lady was the first company to bring them to the UK. Petite Crown prints make them stand out from all other reusable nappy brands on the market as they are unique, individual designs created by Mari the founder.

All of their reusable nappies and nappy wraps have adjustable rise snaps so you can easily adjust the length of the product to fit babies perfectly as they grow.

Petite Crown is perfect for your whole stash of day nappies however due to the premium price some families just purchase a few in their nappy stash for childcare or days out.

Natural Fabrics

Petite Crown are all made of premium high quality natural cloth fabrics including hemp cotton fabric as well as some bamboo blend ideal for babies with sensitive skin.. The natural fabrics makes them highly absorbent all in one nappies.

The waterproof outers are made of PUL polyurethene laminate and have a tummy panel at the front to prevent wicking and leaks.

Petite Crown Trima

The Trima is the best seller of the range. The Trima is the all in one nappy option so it's as close as you can get to a disposable and super easy to use. The Trima is available in either onesize or the Trima Plus which is for older and larger toddlers/children. Adjustable rise snaps (poppers) are on both the Trima and the Trima Plus.

Parents love the Trima for it's simplicity but also it's fantastic reliability.

Petite Crown Packa

Petite Crown Packa is the pocket nappy of the range. Made with the same natural fabrics for the inserts but the inserts are separate from the waterproof outer through the inner lined staydry layer. Inserts are stuffed into the pocket after washing.

A pocket nappy allows you to have more control over how much absorbency you place into the nappy pouch. As the absorbent cloth inserts are separated from the nappy in the Petite Crown Packa the inserts also dry quicker which can help if you have more limited drying facilities.

The version 2 Packa pocket is lined with athletic wicking jersey which keeps babies skin beautifully dry.

Petite Crown Nappy Wraps

Petite Crown offer a selection of waterproof wraps all designed to fit slightly different babies and nappies.The double leg gusset in Petite Crown wraps range gives extra leak protection and is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

Adjustable rise snaps are on both the newborn option to give you a tiny length and also on the Onesize for total adjustability.

The Petite Crown Catcher wrap is a well thought out wrap and is the perfect fit for chunky babies or if you are using a wide fitting nappy such as a Terry Square or Bumble.

Nappy Accessories

Petite Crown also makes nappy accessories such as wet bags, reusable wipes and swim nappies.  All their accessories are made to the same high standard you would expect of a premium cloth nappy brand.