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Popolini are a long standing reusable nappy brand who make high quality reusable nappies in Europe. Popolini specialise in nappies for Elimination Communication as well as natural materials.
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Popolini Nappies

Popolini make a wide range of soft reusable nappies in different styles and natural fabric. From newborn to older children.

Popolini washable napies are high quality cotton including organic cotton without any polyester at all.

Most of the Popolini nappies fasten with poppers (snaps) to give you the most secure fit. They also make an XL terry square that is folded to fit. Excellent almost bathroom towel like quality. All of these are found in stock in our store. Sturdy nappies that maintain their shape following washing.

Popolini make a range of waterproof wraps in various styles for use over their nappies or others.

Wool Wraps

Popolini make beautiful exquisite quality wool wraps. Ideal for those seeking natural materials. Wool is the most breathable nappy cover you will find. Gentle on baby's skin.

Easy Free

Easy Free nappies are the Popolini range for families following Elimination Communication. The Easy Free wear range fastens around the waist with a bra stap fitting for quick removal for using the potty. The Nappy Lady also keeps stock of Top Hat Pottys as part of the W-Free range.

Popolini Clothing

Popolini makes beautiful practical clothing for Elimination Communication in the form of split pants. Night gowns for nappy night changes make those early days and middle of the night nappy changes far easier. All made in beautiful fabrics.

How to wash

Use liners inside the nappies which makes removing solids easier. Flush solids down the toilet and then store the nappies ready for washing.

Washing Popolini cloth nappies is very simple. Rinse in cold water, use your usual detergent and no fabric softener, then a long cotton wash up to 60deg, ideally air dry but you can tumble dry if required.