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Muslin cloths are incredibly versatile and are one of our top baby essentials we stock for any expectant Mums and parents. Muslin cloth makes fabulous newborn nappies but also for drying babies skin after wiping them clean at a nappy change and also as sick cloths or bibs. The Nappy Lady sells a wide variety of high quality baby muslins. Shop our muslin cloths collection today.

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Muslins (Muslinz) - Organic Unbleached
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Disana Organic Muslins 80x80cm
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Little Bamboo Muslins

Muslin Cloths

Muslin cloth is finely woven breathable lightweight fabric.  Baby muslin cloths are usually made of cotton, organic cotton or bamboo fabric. Lots of choice so you can choose the right one for your family.

Baby Muslins Cloths are the product every family needs and a handy must have. You'll always want to have muslin cloths to hand for wiping up spills at mealtimes, over the shoulder for burping little one, comfort blanket and muslin squares nappies.

Baby Muslins for Newborn Nappies

Muslin squares are fabulous and gentle on a newborns delicate skin as a muslin nappy only holds enough absorbency for 2 hours until it needs to be changed. Muslin nappies keep you changing at a frequency that is best for baby's skin. Muslin cloths are generally used from birth up to around 12lbs. Muslins are generally one size however we do offer a slightly larger 80cm size from Disana which make more absorbent nappies but also will be a bit bulkier.

How many muslin cloths do babies need?

Every household with a baby should stock up on muslin cloths. Personally I had 36 muslin cloths and one day we were down to our last clean baby muslin on the shelf as they were dotted everywhere throughout our home or in the wash. MuslinZ brand and collections are designed and made at an affordable price so make sure you have enough. Muslinz now make a range of organic cotton baby muslin cloths for families that are aiming for an organic lifestyle.

Muslin Cloths will give you a life time of service used in my different ways.

Soft Baby Muslin Squares

Baby muslin squares when they first arrive new feel quite hard and starchy. This surprises people as they might have felt their friends or families beautifully soft muslin and wonder why their new muslin squares feel hard. The answer is that muslin squares get softer and softer the more you wash them. The mulins fibres fluff up with washing and the muslins become not only softer but also more absorbent. You can tumble dry your muslins and they will be extra soft and ideal as comforters next to your baby's delicate skin.

What are muslin cloths used for?

Muslins are the perfect present for a little one. Cotton muslin squares can be used for so many things or occasion. They are also used as great bibs when feeding baby, sick clothes, moping up spills but also in the festive season I've known people use them to wrap their gifts in. The perfect eco wrapping for a baby gift. Did you know muslin cloth is also used as filters for decanting Port!  That was definitely one of our more unusual phonecalls but the customer fed back they were perfect for the job! Muslin squares are handy for anything and everything.

MuslinZ -  The UK's Leading Muslin Brand

We sell our best selling MuslinZ brand in a pack of 12 plus we also sell the white ones singly if you wanted a muslin as a small gift. 

The Muslinz muslin collection are packs of a beautiful collection of plain colour such as pink, blue or unisex but also printed muslins in gorgeous patterns, style and designs. Muslinz also make a pack of bright colours for those of you who love a brilliant rainbow in your home, these are one of our top selling baby gifts. What will be your favourite muslin cloths design? Discover the MuslinZ muslin cloths range today and add them to your shopping basket today, we ship to the UK and internationally.

Muslins Newborn Nappies Set

The Nappy Lady has made it easy for you to buy your complete set of muslin newborn nappies for your little one with our lightweight muslin squares bundle set. Everything you need in a one click purchase.

Organic Muslins & Bamboo Muslins

We also stock organic muslins which come in beautiful cream colours. Our organic muslins have not been bleached and are a beautiful cream colour.  We also stock Disana organic muslins which come in a smaller pack size.  A little known brand are called Little Bamboo which make bamboo muslins instead of cotton. These are ultra soft but are more delicate than the cotton muslins so are better for sick cloths than muslin nappies. Little Bamboo make beautiful baby gifts, don't forget The Nappy Lady offers fast delivery so order today.