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Reusable Nappies

At TNL you'll find the best reusable nappies available in the UK for your baby. We only stock the best reusable nappy brands which have been proven to be reliable and trusted.  If you're not sure on the differences between the washable nappy styles, Read our Nappy Types Article or get personalised advice from our free Nappy Recommendation Service. We are the reusable nappy UK experts.

Reusable nappies at The Nappy Lady.

Reusable nappies are the hardest part to choose but also the most important part to choose. We stock only the best reusable nappies and best brands of modern cloth nappies, you'll have no need for disposable nappies! It's never too late to change your baby to reuseable nappies, it doesn't matter if you're on your first child, second child or your fifth child you'll save money, save waste, save landfill. Shop green, shop ethically for your baby and kids at The Nappy Lady and dispose of the disposables.

The team are always on  hand to help every customer no matter their query and give free nappy advice and support. Want to buy a gift we'll guide you the best choices or we sell vouchers so the family can buy exactly what they'd like.

What are modern cloth nappies?

A modern cloth nappy is what provides the containment and nappy absorbency for your little one so it's key that you get the best one for your circumstances.  The nappy will be used for over two years so it's an important investment to get right. Modern reusable nappies are not only practical but stylish available in a wonderful range of prints and colours.

Cloth nappies come in sizes for newborns, sized nappies, one size nappies or birth to potty nappies all available in different designs and patterns, poppers or Velcro. We have reusable nappies suitable for any types of childcare or nursery.  If you prefer just traditional white we have those too! All nappies are washed and reused again and again.

Reusable nappies fasten in a number of ways, Velcro (AKA hook and loop or Aplix), Poppers (AKA snaps) or fasten free which fastened with a Nappi Nippa. Some of the most basic nappies just fold into a rectangular pad.

What are the parts to a reusable nappy?

Reusable nappies can seem confusing to start with whilst this can feel overwhelming take it one step at a time. Here are the parts of a reusable nappy system. 

From the outside going inwards you have.

The outer layer which is a waterproof cover, inner absorbent nappy, booster for night time and a nappy liner to make getting rid of solids easier (these are either paper liners that tear off a roll or a reusable liner). The outer wrap is normally made of PUL but wool wraps are also very popular.

You will need a wet bag to carry dirty nappies around with you, there are wet bags in a whole variety of sizes so you can find the perfect one for storing your reusables. They can hang off a door handle or your buggy. The bag washes with your nappies.

A nappy for every baby - whatever their needs

There are all sorts of factors which make a good reusable nappy choice for your situation, so you have to weigh up the pros and cons of each washable nappy to find the right cloth nappy for you.

  • Reusable Nappy Fabrics & Materials

We have soft microfibre quick drying nappies - ideal for those with limited drying facilities, super absorbent hemp, soft  and absorbent bamboo for high absorbency and of course good old cotton.

  • Reusable Nappy Size Options

Nappies for newborn, smaller babies or prems, budget friendly one size nappies that grow as baby grows, nappy absorbency provided by natural fabrics or soft manmade fabrics.

  • Reusable Nappy Two part nappies:

fitted (also known as shaped nappies) which are in a shape to fit around baby's legs and waist- two parter nappies are great if you want to use these on more than one child, over the the top of the fitted nappy you will put a wrap. An example is the soft Teddy or the famous bamboo Bamboozle Stretch nappies. These offer the best and highest containment, ideal for babies who are breast feeding and have especially explosive poos. This part will be covered by a nappy wrap.

  • Reusable Nappy All in one nappies

with absorbency attached and sewn inside, lovely and easy and the convenience of a disposable nappy.

  • Reusable Nappy Pocket nappies

with inserts which you stuff or insert into the pocket, A pocket nappy was the original one piece nappy system. Many pocket nappies have double gussets for those needing high containment, popper or Velcro fastening.

  • Reusable Nappy Flat Nappies

as well as the good old traditional towel terry squares that you fold, folded nappies are much easier to use than people realise and not fiddly like they imagine.

Many people worry the nappy will be bulky to wear but we have lots of ultra slim nappies too that look no different to wearing a disposable.

Use fabulous soft stay dry liners or soft fleece liners to keep baby's skin dry and protected.

Don't forget about your night time nappy. We have an extensive range of the best nighttime reusable nappies. If you have a ultra high wetter Baby Beehinds is the brand you need. Many two part nappies you will just add boosters in for night use. You don't usually need a high absorbency nappy for a newborn these are for older children.

There is no single design which works for everyone. Just because one person you know might love or hate a particular reusable nappy doesn't necessarily mean you'll feel the same way about it. Trust me on this, I know what I`m talking about.

Reusable Nappies - Also Known As ....


Reusable nappies are also known under many other names, such as Real Nappies, Cloth Nappies, Washable Nappies, reusables, cotton nappies, Terry Nappies or even nappy inserts, but in the end, whatever the nappies are called, this is the page you'll find them on at the nappylady.

What are the benefits of Reusables?

Reusable nappies are cheaper, cost effective, no nasty chemcials, more reliable, convenient as no last minute dashes to the supermarket as you run out, easier and quicker toilet training due to the wet feel.

Full Reusable Nappy Demonstration by Wendy

Leading Nappy Brands Stockists

Once you're ready to buy reusable nappies this is the only place you need to come too we are the reusable nappy experts in the UK and have been since 1999, you'll find the right brand here for you. 

We have one of the largest range of reusable nappy brands and only sell quality nappies including Motherease, Tots Bots, Bambino Mio and Close Parent (famous for their double gusset)

Many of our brands we have worked with since our beginning back in 1999.  We're begining to have customers come back who worn nappies from us when they were babies! Free UK delivery on orders over £50

Night Time Nappies - Dry nights, sleep tight


You don't have to use disposable nappies, modern cloth nappies can be used very successfully. Hemp is an amazingly absorbent nappy fabric.

We have some super absorbent nappies even for a heavy wetter so don't worry about a wet bed. In fact we have many parents change their babies to night nappies as there is no limit on the level of absorbency a cloth nappy can provide, one size and sized options. 

Bring me your heavy wetters and i'll give you the nappy solution. We are team reusable nappy experts!

Washing Reusable Nappies

Lots of parents worry it is going to be really hard to wash reusable nappies and hear horror stories from older generations about how much hard work it invovled.  Don't worry washing machines have thankfully taken all that hard work away and it's just a couple of extra washing loads a week.

Washing nappies is really no different to laundering your dirty clothes.

Store dirty nappies in a nappy bucket, on wash day put your nappies in the machine, add your washing powder detergent, choose a long cotton wash to give them a deep clean, never add fabric softener, then dry your nappies. Your nappies are now washed and ready to reuse. Care instructions are found in our advice section and on our videos.

Toilet Training

For older children or even a toddler we have nappies suitable for starting training and those that are further along and are potty trained but need the reassurance of a nappy just incase. Bright Bots are the leading training pants. We also have potty training pull ups you add an insert into or even reuse an old insert from a nappy.

Eco Disposables - Are you sure you really need them?

We have a separate section for eco disposable nappies - however make sure you read our advice articles as many eco-disposables are not as eco as you think and they still won't perform as well as reusable nappies. Have you ever met a parent who loved their disposables? I bet you haven't but there are millions of families who love their reusables!

Reusable Baby Wipes

Many parents who use reusable nappies also start using reusable wipes. Reusable wipes can be washed with your nappies creating no extra work. Cloth wipes are also more efficient at cleaning up baby, free from nasty chemicals and gentle on their skin. Wipes are suitable for use from newborn. Use, wash and keep reusing.