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Travel Potty

Travel Pottys are an essential when you start potty training. At The Nappy Lady we stock the best selling potties available on the market to help you potty train successfully. Tried, tested and loved by potty training parents on the go.

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Travel Potty

A travel potty is essential for stress free potty training. no more panic to find the nearest toilet, or any more balancing on an adult sized toilet seat Young children can't empty their bladder on demand to start with and don't recognise the feeling of needing to go until they are desperate. A travel portty means whereever you are you'll never be caught short.

A portable potty is easier to carry than a childs toilet training seat.

Portable Potties For Families On The Go!

My Carry Potty is the new multi award winning solution, the leakproof portable potty solution to potty training. Ensure a consistent potty training process with the My Carry Potty portable solution, same potty home and away. My Carry Potty is the ONLY potty y

My Carry Potty is a lightweight, leakproof potty and completely bag free portable potty, it looks a little like a mini suitcase. My Carry Potty is designed with a unique lid that provides a completely watertight seal, non slip feet and it is made from high-quality durable plastic that’s easy on the eye and easy to clean. My Carry Potty offers convenience wherever your child needs it most.

Best of all your little one will love the bright attractive colours, cute characters and the carry handle makes My Carry Potty easy for toddlers to adopt as their own possession.

My Carry Potty makes starting potty training fun.

Time to lose the nappy, pop your little one into training pants, grab their potty and you're away!


Whizzer Kids is a brilliant portable toilet for wees! It's innovative design is the perfect on the move solution when little one needs a wee and needs one now and there aren't any toilets! Ideal for potty training, easy to carry.

The ergonomic design of the soft silicone spout is specially designed to mould around both girls' and boys' bodies for ultimate comfort. The highest part of the spout should always be at the front to maintain privacy (which also helps with boy's unpredictable aim) while the rest scoops beneath the body to seal the area which is intended to ensure girls can have a mess free experience too.

The Whizzer is incredibly well designed and fits easily into your bag, the buggy or a car glovebox. Whizzer provides an eco-friendly alternative to using plastic products or the awkward and embarrassing public urination option.


Potty Training Guide

If you're worried about starting potty training then read the book Potty Training Magic by Amanda Jenner to get you on your way. Available right here at The Nappy Lady