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LUMI are British sleep experts, creating White Noise Machines to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Award winning bringing better nights sleep to thousands of adults and babies worldwide.

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Say goodbye to sleepless nights with LUMI white noise machines - designed to help both you and your little ones to sleep better. Our magical machines harness the power of white noise to block out unwanted sounds, making bedtime a breeze, and ensuring a peaceful nights sleep.

Portable White Noise Machines

Take your Lumi on the go with Lumi Portable machines. Clip to your buggy, car seat, travel cot.

Original White Noise Machines

Our Original White Noise Machines are all-around winners, perfect for adults, kids, and babies alike. Similar to our Portables, they provide a variety of calming sounds. What sets them apart is their larger surface area, making them not only ideal for sound but also doubling as a cozy nightlight for your bedside table!

Memory Function

All of the Lumi machines feature a clever memory function, ensuring your last settings are automatically restored when you power on and off. Whether it's the soothing pitter-patter of rain or the gentle glow of a night light, creating your perfect ambiance could not be easier.

Sleep Timer

All the Lumi White Noice  machines feature a 30/60/90 minute sleep timer, allowing you to choose the perfect period for relaxation before peacefully dozing off. For parents, it's a great tool for creating that all-important comforting bedtime routine, and for adults it provides a serene gateway to winding down.

Light Up Buttons

We understand the struggles of fumbling in the dark and accidentally pressing the wrong button on your noise machine, waking up your baby. That's why our Original, Portable Pro & Portable Pro Max models have light up buttons that activate when the machine is on standby, allowing easy adjustments in the dark.

Baby Specific Sounds

For babies, white noise is like a cozy reminder of the womb. All of the Lumi machines provides a variety of white noise sounds, as well a selection of lullabies and the familiar sound of a womb-like heartbeat. The Lumi Original, Original Pro, Portable Pro, Portable Pro Max, and App also include a gentle shushing sound, replicating the comforting sound of a parent.

Voice Recording

The LUMI YourVoice allows you to record and store up to 4 minutes of sounds, whether it be the comforting sounds of your voice or the familiar hum of a favourite household sound, you can save down any sound you like and play it back continuously until another sound is recorded.