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Nappy Boosters & Inserts

A nappy booster is a piece of fabric that adds additional absorbency to your reusable nappy. They give your reusable nappy a "boost". Boosters aren't just for cloth nappies they can even be used in disposable nappies to resolve baby's disposable nappy leaks.

Nappy Boosters & Inserts For A Cloth Nappy

Reusable Nappy Boosters and nappy inserts go into any reusable nappy to increase absorbency if your baby needs it. At The Nappy Lady we stock a large variety so you can find the perfect one for you needs.

Boosters & Pocket Nappies

You can place nappy inserts boosters into a pocket nappy to increase absorbency. You have to be careful with pocket nappies that you do not overstuff with boosters or inserts. The insert and boosters will go in the wash with your reusable nappies so they don't cause additional washing.

Nappy booster fabrics

A reusable nappy booster is made from the same fabric as a cloth nappy. Nappy booster pads are available in bamboo boosters and hemp boosters are the most popular. Cotton boosters are also an option. Bamboo charcoal tends to be in the cheapest brands and materials. Some boosters such as Mother-ease staydry boosters or Bambino Mio Mioboost have a stay dry liner built in to keep baby's skin dry. Microfibre is not usually used as the material for a booster.

We also sell bamboo inserts by Little Lambs which go into their one size nappies and sized nappies. Bamboo inserts are also suitable for any reusable nappy. Bamboo inserts are commonly used in pocket nappies. At nappy changes you change the whole pocket nappy not just the insert.

Super absorbent hemp is available in many different styles. The best selling hemp booster is the Bum Booster. We also sell the unbelievably absorbent hemp inserts by Baby Beehinds. Super absorbent natural fibres in this giant booster.

Is it important to prewash boosters and inserts before you use them in your reusable nappies. Generally they reach maximum absorbency after five washes. It is best to air dry but you can tumble dry on low if required.

Where to put booster pads for nappies?

Place a booster inside your nappy for more absorbency or with a two part system you can even do extra boosting by placing the booster between the nappy and nappy wrap so you don't compromise the fit of the nappy, ideal for a heavy wetter at night time.

What is the difference between a cloth nappy inserts and a booster?

The terms insert and booster are fairly interchangeable however their purposes are slightly different. Inserts are what comes with reusable nappies when purchased and are part of the nappy design and supposed to be part of the nappy or are the absorbent part of the nappy. Booster is additional and added as extra, not essential.
Try to remember it this way. Inserts as being the absorbent pad that goes into a pocket nappy as they "insert" them into the pocket.

Disposable Nappy Booster Pads

If you have leaking disposables you can resolve this by adding a cloth nappy booster. The Easy Peasy Hemp booster is an excellent choice but if in doubt contact us with details of your baby and your disposables and we'll match you to the right nappy booster pads UK wide shipping.