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Welcome to Team Nappy Lady.

We are passionate about reusable nappies and are here to help as many people as possible use them. Here you can get to know our staff and everyone behind the scenes who works together to help you in your nappy journey.

We are all here to help you save the world one nappy at a time.


Wendy - The Nappy Lady

I've worked at The Nappy Lady™ for 16 years, 11 of these as the owner. I started as a local demo advisor advisor and worked my way up! You can read my full tale of my journey in "Our Story"

I've been using cloth nappies since our first child was a week old. We decided to use cloth nappies when I was pregnant, both for financial and environmental reasons. I fell in love with his cloth nappies very quickly and loved showing off his cloth bum at the baby clinic.

I still remember in the beginning how confused I was over the different parts and didn't know which option to choose. I spent many hours reading The Nappy Lady website and learning everything I could so that we would make the right choice. I started with good old terry squares as they matched the budget that we had at that time, I then gradually added in other "modern" styles as our budget allowed. I was a huge fan of the Easy Peasy Bumbles as they offered amazing containment for our big pooer!

When babies two and three came along they reused our first son's nappies, giving us a wonderful financial saving of around £2500 over the 8+ years we had cloth bums in our home! Our eldest has just finished his GCSE's and is spending the summer in the warehouse packing orders of nappies that he wore himself!

I'm still passionate about reusable nappies and love nothing more than chatting to new parents starting their nappy journey.


Anna - Operations Manager

I help Wendy with the day to day running of the warehouse. 






Jemma - Operations Supervisor & Nappy adviser

I manage the warehouse and the many deliveries that arrive daily. It's my job to find space to store all the lovely products that Wendy orders and keep the warehouse organised so that our packing team can easily find everything. I also pack a lot of your orders myself. 

I have 3 children and have used reusable nappies on my youngest. We really enjoyed being a TNL tester and I wish I had used them on my older two.



Cathy - Deputy Operations Supervisor

I love the ethos of The Nappy Lady and how Wendy does everything she can to support her staff and friends. My child was definitely out of nappies when I met Wendy and started working at TNL. As a parent who wanted to be able to do the school run everyday I was so pleased to join the TNL team and their family first ideology. 

My job includes assisting Jemma with warehouse organisation, packing orders and showing others how to pack those awkward shaped parcels.



Sarah - Senior Nappy Adviser & Admin Support

I knew I wanted to use cloth nappies for my babies, for financial and environmental reasons in equal measure. I had no idea where to start so I headed straight for The Nappy Lady questionnaire!  I was recommended Little Lamb fitted nappies and wraps, invested in a whole set and that was us set up for our whole cloth nappy journey!  Some of my original set even managed to make it through all three of my children (including a very busy few months of two in cloth), and I love how much money this saved us as a family, not to mention the thousands of disposable nappies kept out of landfill.  Of course I was frequently swayed by the pretty prints so a fair few all in ones found their way into our collection as well, especially for sending to nursery, long days out and for the grandparents.  My husband was a particular fan of washable wipes: in his words "the disposable ones just smear everything around!".

I started working for TNL at the same time as Gemma, when Wendy advertised for a few new advisors to join the team.  My youngest was a few months old and I relished putting my brain back to use, sharing my experience and passion for reusable nappies with other families.  I've been in exactly the same place, with the same questions about getting started and the changing needs as our little ones get older, and just like the rest of the advisor team feel a huge satisfaction in helping more people make the switch and making their nappy routine work as smoothly as possible.  When the opportunity arose to join the warehouse team I couldn't resist and you'll now find me there during school hours, answering your order related emails and calls and helping with the website and marketing (and anything else that finds its way onto the to-do list!).

When I'm not in nappy mode I'm a trained babywearing consultant, enjoy running and am usually found playing taxi driver for my children's after school activities...I think nappy changing was far easier...

Roisin - Purchasing Manager & Senior Nappy Adviser

I didn't consider cloth with my first baby, I felt like by the time I had read up on birth, breastfeeding, baby wearing etc there was no room left in my brain for any more information so I just left it be.

When we decided to start thinking about a second baby I knew that I would want to cloth, my main reason being that I didn't want two sets of dirty nappies building up in my bin for 2 weeks at time. We filled out the TNL questionnaire and we started with a fairly simple and inexpensive two part system. I fell in love with the patterns quickly. By the time my second came I was feeling much more confident and had added to my stash with preloved nappies and we clothed from birth.

When I started cloth I started with only cloth nappies. I felt like cloth wipes were a step too far. After a month I thought there was no point wasting these wipes so we invested in wipes and I decided that cloth pads would be a step too far. We've since evolved to a family that uses reusable everything, where possible, including family cloth. Our introduction into reusable nappies opened up a whole new eco world for us as a family.

When my second was coming up to a year old I was looking at going back to work, one evening I came across the advert for The Nappy Lady and thought I HAD to apply and I started work the next month.

I have loved being able to grow my knowledge of the sustainable industry. I am now the Purchasing Manager and one of the Senior Advisors within TNL, which means I get to shop around for beautiful nappies and search out new and exciting companies for us to support.

I've taken a keen interest in CSP and helped expand our range and answer advice and recommendation for Reusable Sanitary Wear


Gina - Social Media Manager & Senior Nappy Adviser

When I was pregnant with my first child Max 10 years ago, I heard about reusable nappies. The more I researched, the more I loved the idea. I’d heard of paper pants and how uncomfortable they were, I imagined disposables would be the same.  Luckily my husband didn’t take a lot of persuading and I was soon hooked. I had most of my stash before Max was born. I was so determined that I only took reusable nappies with me to the hospital. Max was a c-section but this didn’t deter us. The midwife put the first nappy on then my husband took over. We managed our hospital stay with just reusables. Reusable from newborn is completely doable but a supportive partner is essential.

I quickly got obsessed and wanted to try everything, this didn’t help the financial savings. I gained a lot of experience and learnt that looks aren’t always the most important. I had an opportunity to help with the local nappy library. At this time I decided to open my own business selling nappies. It took a lot of work and time but I loved it. The nappy library was expanding quickly too. What started with just 2 kits soon expanded to almost 20. 

As Real Nappy Week (RNW) approached a group of retailers got together to promote reusable nappies. This is when I got to know Wendy and another retailer. I expected a lot of competition between retailers but instead I found these two lovely women who were so supportive.

Everything sounds so positive. I had a very successful library that I ran with one of my closest friends, a growing business doing something I loved and I was pregnant with my second child. What could possibly go wrong? However it did start going wrong. I was so busy that I never felt I had enough time to do everything. This only got worse after I had Leo and I was even more stretched. I needed to take on someone to help but the profit margin just didn’t allow for it. The competition and the pressure of running a business alone with two young children meant that I had almost no work life balance. Everything was suffering, my heath, my children, my friendships. It was a really difficult time in my life and it resulted in me needing to give up both the library and the business. 

Over a year later Wendy got in touch with a job offer. She was really busy, RNW was approaching again and she needed help with social media. While I loved the idea of working with nappies again I was worried that I wouldn’t manage it with my part time job and that the stress I had experienced before would resurge. I very nearly declined but I couldn’t resist the temptation of working with reusable nappies again.

My role at The Nappy Lady soon expanded. I manage social media and started helping with advice too. I love working at The Nappy Lady and I’d be lying if I said that having another chance to use reusable nappies wasn’t part of my choice to have another baby. Like Max & Leo, baby Zac has also been in reusable nappies since birth. I loved being able to see how much reusable nappies have changed since I first started using them 8 years ago. Being able to test them all again only helped to improve my knowledge further. 

Since having Zac I decided to quit my part time job and I now work full time for The Nappy lady. I manage all the social media, help with advice and emails and am usually around at crazy hours of the day. Wendy has given me back the opportunity to work with something I love but without the stress that I had running my own business. Her approach to flexible working is second to none and is invaluable to parents. I love working with nappies but more importantly always being able to be there for my children because Wendy, her ethos and the amazing team she has enables this to happen for us all.


Gemma - Senior Nappy Adviser & Demonstrator

I started working for The Nappy Lady when my youngest was 13 months old.  As soon as I saw the advert for an Online Nappy Advisor, I knew I had to reply and I've never looked back on accepting my role.   I love the satisfaction of being able to help people through their cloth napping journey and nothing phases me - the words poo and wee are part of my daily vocabulary.

I  work for The Nappy Lady during my spare time as during the week I am a Teaching Assistant at my local Junior School.  The demands of four children, a Cockapoo, a teaching role and working for The Nappy Lady can be tough going, but I don't visualise changing my choices.  I am not commission based, so everything I recommend I truly believe in.

When people start out using cloth, it can seem like a minefield.  'What's the difference between a liner and a booster, what's an all in two nappy, how do I wash them......

And that's why I do it - to help everyone to answer these questions and find the perfect cloth nappy for them and their baby.

I started my cloth journey when I had my third child.  I looked into cloth nappies when I was pregnant with my first, but 13 years ago research was very limited and living in a small flat with no tumble dryer, I was concerned I wouldn't have anywhere to dry them.  How wrong was I!   Nappies come in many different materials and microfibre dries in no time at all.  Plus, why did I not think of using an Octopus hanging dryer attached to my shower rail.

Baby number two came along 14 months later.  Again wanting to use cloth nappies, but with two babies in cloth and the illusion of thinking I would need to soak and have wet nappies sitting in nappy bins for days put me off.  If I only knew it was as simple as taking the nappy off, putting into a dry pailed bin and then simply throwing in the washing machine on wash day on a cold rise and then a long wash cycle, things would have been very different. Baby number three came along in 2012.  I was determined things would be very different this time round and I would give cloth ago.  I found myself researching anything I could find related to cloth nappies and the pros and cons of each.  I settled with TotsBots Easyfit at the start as I wanted something very easy to use and prove to others that using cloth nappies was just as easy as using disposables.

My last child arrived in 2014.  By now I felt very comfortable in the world of a cloth nappy user and I started to experiment with many different styles and brands.  There was nothing stopping me and my stash of nappies soon started to grow to more than I actually needed.  Anyone who was willing to listen had the lowdown on how fab cloth nappies are and I was very happy to lend my nappies to friends to give them a go.

...And I guess that's why I'm still so passionate about cloth nappies now.



Imogen - Nappy Adviser & Wool Specialist

I began educating myself about cloth nappies when I was assisting a family with a younger child with additional needs to try and find a more comfortable solution to disposables.  That is not to say that disposables were the enemy!  They had successfully helped for many months prior to this but they were causing irritation and we sought to find a better solution for longer term.   After seeing the benefits of the switch, mainly the increase in comfort,  I knew I would come back to cloth nappies with my own children.  I didn’t start cloth nappies until slightly later with my first son,  we tried lots of different systems and I learned a lot about the benefits of each.   When I am advising families on cloth, I always highlight that there are no silly questions, I remember all the mistakes that I made at the start! Between my first and second son,  after researching the impact of plastic waste I became much more waste conscious and as a family we made a number of changes towards reusable products.  I am very proud of our eco-friendly journey and it has really become a way of life for us now!  As soon as I was pregnant with my second son I knew I wanted to cloth from birth so I was quite determined to succeed.   I had an extremely traumatic birth with my second son which was very difficult to process at the time.  Surprisingly this made my commitment to cloth even greater as it was really important for both my husband and I that our son had nappies which were comfortable and better for his skin without any additional chemicals. My son is still in cloth and we have a mixture of two part nappies and all-in-ones.  I am a big believer that cloth can be as simple (or as fancy!) as we want it to be.  Some days we just use terry squares and wool wraps which is lovely as they are so natural, breathable and economical.  Comfort is key for us, we love wool wraps in our home and use them often,  you can spot us from a distance just from our woolie washing line! It is also reassuring to know how many nappies and wipes we have saved from landfill and will do in the future.


Sarah - Graphic Designer

I dipped my toe into reusables when my first daughter was born but couldn’t convince my partner, so we went with reusable cloth wipes instead to help minimise our impact on the environment. Over the years we have tried to everything we can to reduce waste, by reducing, reusing and recycling. We did a plastic audit of what we could and couldn’t recycle and assessed our food waste. We got a composter, ordered a fruit and veg box from a local supplier, supported a crowdfunded zero waste shop, diligently going along with our cleaning and beauty product refills. By the time our second daughter came along it was much easier to get my partner on board with reusable nappies, as he saw that we were now making a real impact – we were only putting out half a bin bag of rubbish every fortnight! So, we didn’t want to undo all of our hard work and we clothed our second child from birth. We love our pocket nappies and TNL Bambinex with Airflow wraps or wool covers for night time.

Now with two children, and needing greater flexibility in my working hours, I decided to go freelance with my career and I was overjoyed to be welcomed into TNL team which allows me to run an after-school club teaching children about our natural world and sustainability, and run workshops at a local forest school, alongside raising a family and my design work.


Hannah - TNL Brand Ambassador

My passion for the environment started when I went vegan in 2017, and I became passionate about reducing my single use plastic consumption. I switched to reusable period products, made changes to make our lifestyle more eco friendly, and have never looked back since. So when I became pregnant with my daughter in 2018, cloth nappies were a non-negotiable for me: luckily my fiance was also on board, particularly as I could convince him it was a great way to save on budget long term!

The Nappy Lady was our first port of call, recommended by a friend, and we filled in the Nappy Lady Questionnaire to help us make a decision on what nappies to opt for. I'm really glad we did this rather than buying a full kit of nappies from a popular well-known brand which was what I'd originally planned to do, as the Nappy Lady personalised recommendations worked so well for us and I'm confident that we'll also be a reliable option to use for our second baby, due in August 2021.

I have an Instagram account @littlepackofvegans where I post about our journey as eco conscious parents, and naturally cloth nappies play a huge part in that for us. Since becoming a Nappy Lady ambassador I'm so happy to be able to spread the word about the benefits of reusable nappies, share our own experiences, and hopefully help others on their own journeys.



Angie - TNL Brand Ambassador

I'm Angie and I am @theecomidwife & have been an ambassador for the period lady since December 2020. Previously I had been one of the ambassadors for the nappy lady for a year before this, and it was reusable nappies which sent me down the rabbit warren of becoming more environmentally conscious and making as many environmental swaps as possible.

I started with reusable products for financial benefits, and its transferred into so many more swaps but for the environmental benefits instead. As a midwife I am passionate for women's health, and menstruation and menstrual health fits in well with this. Education on women's health is as important as reducing our impact on the environment.



Emily - TNL Brand Ambassador

Over the past few years I started switching out many of my everyday things for reusable and more sustainable alternatives. It only made sense that when we planned on having a baby, cloth nappies would follow suit - much to my American parents’ and friends’ bewilderment. I was very fortunate that both of my sisters in law used reusables for their little ones and they gave me plenty of guidance and encouragement! Cloth nappies can be so beautiful and it was so fun picking out nappies for Lily to wear - but was I picking out the best ones for us to use?

I was referred to the TNL website as I shopped for my future little one and also invited to join the Nappy Lady Facebook group by my SIL (and fellow cloth nappy addict), Megan. Just being a part of this group opened up my eyes to so much information about reusable nappies and I started to absorb all the information as I scrolled through while waiting for Lily to arrive - sharing everything I learned to my husband along the way. 

Because the TNL website has such in depth descriptions of their products, as well as invaluable advice pages, I found myself jumping in on posts very often and referring people back to the website pages - why reinvent the wheel, right? Fast forward a few months and now I’m a Brand Ambassador.

I love being a part of the TNL team because I remember what it was like even just a half a year ago, being totally inundated with information and trying to make sense of it all. I love trying out new products and learning more about the cloth nappy world as each day passes.  I especially enjoy helping to simplify reusable nappies for all those that want to know more about it - even those looking for just a few ways to make their lives slightly more eco-conscious or affordable - hello, reusable wipes! 


Jenna - TNL Brand Ambassador

Hi I’m Jenna and I have been using cloth nappies since my daughter was 4 months old. I already used a lot of natural or reusable products, so it made sense to also make the switch to reusable nappies! I was extremely excited about it, and got my husband on board quite easily. I actually had a stash of cloth nappies bought and ready to use before my daughter was born, but I had been hesitant to start using them due to seeing lots of discouraging comments. This is when I found The Nappy Lady website! There was so much encouraging and simple advice that I finally decided that I was able to start using our cloth stash. Once I started, I never looked back!

Cloth nappies became quite a passion for us, and I love to share advice and help others get started with their cloth journey. I became an ambassador for TNL just over a year ago and love being a part of the team and getting to help others as they start out with cloth nappies. Since TNL was such a help to me, it’s lovely to now work alongside them to help others learn! There is a lot of misinformation out there that can make using cloth nappies seem harder than it really is, so it’s important to me to share simple and encouraging information to help others as part of The Nappy Lady team. I post a lot about our cloth journey with some advice and tips on my Instagram page @littleclothbumbaby, so feel free to follow along on there.


Aki - TNL Brand Ambassador



Alicia - TNL Brand Ambassador