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Washable Breastpads

Reusable breast pads are not only cost effective and environmentally friendly but also far more comfortable than disposable breast pads. The Nappy Lady sells a variety of the best washable breast pads available on the market. All breast pads have been tried and tested by the The Nappy Lady.

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Mother-ease Stay Dry Breastpads
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Disana Silk/Wool Breast Pads 14cm

Breast Pads

A Breast pad is also known as a nursing pad, nursing pads, washable breast pads, reusable nursing pads.

Natural Fabrics

At The Nappy Lady we stock a range of natural breast pad options made of bamboo fabric which are incredibly soft, ideal for sensitive skin but also offer leak proof protection that disposable pads offer.

Stay dry Reusable Nursing Pads

Motherease staydry reusable pads are excellent for keeping your skin dry. The smooth stay dry layer protections and helps maintain healthy skin